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Where I come from: My all-time favorite Boise State team

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For me, picking my favorite Boise State team is a lot like picking a favorite child. I mean obviously I'm not going to pick the daughter I wished were a son (2007 Broncos) or the son who looks nothing like either me or his mom (2005 Broncos), but as for the rest of them, picking a favorite it hard.

Curse this post for making me do it. The favorite team question continues the series of Where I Come From, a weeklong chance for us to get to know each other a little better and to excommunicate those of us whose favorite Bronco team was the one that lost to Georgia in the season opener. What is your all-time favorite Boise State team? Are you a Golden Era fanboy or a history buff itching to relive the past? Itch with me after the jump, and share your favorite team in the comments.

My all-time favorite Boise State team

My choice of favorite team surprised even me. It is not the 2009 team. Too fresh and basically the same as the 2010 team. It is not the 2008 team. The thought of Ian Johnson pulling an Emmit Smith Arizona Cardinals season is something that I don't remember fondly.

It was going to be the 2006 team because, well, Marty Tadman, but I could not bring myself to pick a squad with so much Jared Zabransky.

Strange but true, my all-time favorite team is 8-4, bowl-less 2001 Boise State. What horrible amnesia caused me to pick that team? Am I forgetting that multiple other Bronco teams have won more games in a season, including Fiesta Bowls and such? Yes, I know it is not the most obvious choice, but that 2001 team was one that I have held close to my heart for a lot of reasons.

First off, it featured Ryan Dinwiddie and Brock Forsey - two of the greatest Broncos of all time. Better yet, it was a Dinwiddie and Forsey who were not quite yet the incredible, historic Bronco legends that they would become when their careers were over and done with. Watching them play that year was like being in high school band with Jack Johnson and John Mayer. You knew they were going places, and you felt like the first to find out.

Second, 2001 was the season that Boise State pulled one of the greatest upsets in its history by beating Top Ten Fresno State. In fact, I would argue that it was not only one of the biggest upsets, it was one of the biggest wins in program history. From Dinwiddie to Forsey to Bobby Hammer and everyone in between, I owe that game a debt of gratitude because it is ingrained in my Bronco fandom and a huge reason why I love the team as much as I do. My eternal reparations are embedding YouTube highlights of the game every chance I get. Like now.

Third, I love the 2001 team because it wasn't perfect. The undefeated, dominant Bronco teams stress me out to no end because I get so balled up with nerves every time they take the field. The 2001 team dropped its first two games to South Carolina and Washington State. And they let Rice and LaTech beat them later in the year.

It was Boise State's first season in the WAC, so expectations were understandably low. And you know what? That may be the most important reason why I loved the 2001 team so much. Everything the 2001 team did was unexpected because no one knew what to expect. There was no pressure. I was just along for the ride, like everyone else.

By the way, I call dibs on the 2010 team as my all-time favorite.

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Your turn

What is your all-time favorite Boise State team? Are you more into the players or the final results? Think I'm crazy to be so in love with 2001? Share your thoughts in the comments.