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WAC Media Preview: Day One report: Inevitability for the win

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The WAC Media Preview is upon us, which means football season is here, which means I made it through an entire offseason without getting burned out and quitting blogging. Yay for me.

Join me, Nick, and your Bronco football friends after the jump for a running commentary on all things WAC Media Preview. Were there any surprises in the media's preseason picks? What demographic will Greg McMackin alienate this year? And where did Karl Benson find a sportcoat made of sackcloth? Come hang out with us for WAC Media Preview Day One.

Karl Benson hates good-byes

This will be the last WAC Media Preview that the Broncos will attend. How will Karl Benson deal? Awkwardly, I assume.

Watch the complete scene in this YouTube video I can't embed.

In case you didn't catch it, Karl Benson is Jim Carrey and Boise State is the girl. I guess that makes the briefcase the Human Bowl?

The six questions that matter to me at WAC Media Preview

If I were attending, these are the six questions I would ask. I would then spend the rest of my time convincing Robb Akey to grow a question mark mustache.

Is Jason Robinson going to play for the Broncos in 2010?

Bronco fans demand information on Robinson's status for the coming season. Which means Boise State will probably tell us in a press release three weeks from now. Please spill the beans, Coach Pete. I would really like to move on to worrying about other things, like Mitch Burroughs.

Is Jeremiah Masoli going to play for Louisiana Tech in 2010?

Masoli can play this season without sitting out the token transfer year since he completed his degree at Oregon and is thus considered a graduate student (America, this is the face of your new work force, good luck!). Does anyone want him? Not surprisingly, the current owners of Ross Jenkins allegedly do. Hopefully new head coach Sonny Dykes will shed more light on LaTech's real interest.

When will Robert Turbin be ready to go for Utah State?

Turbin tore up his knee running sprints in Utah State's indoor facility this April. Note to self: Not a good idea to build indoor facilities out of trampoline. Supposedly, Turbin will play in 2010. But how soon? The Broncos get the Aggies in the last week of the year, so if Turbin plays this season, the Broncos will see him.

Shiloh Keo, why are you not wearing a shirt?

We are in an airport Hilton, for crying out loud!


"Sorry, Kevan." (via


Will Derek Carr play quarterback for Fresno State this season?

I mostly want this to happen so that I can rip on another member of the Carr family before the Broncos move on to the Mountain West.

Was the WAC really serious about adding Portland State?

Conference expansion talk will likely take center stage during the Media Preview, so we can finally get to the bottom of exactly what Karl Benson saw in UC Davis, Portland State, and Sacramento State.

The votes are in from these guys

Several media members have embraced journalistic transparency and spilled their picks for WAC preseason honors. Here are the ones with websites I can link to:

  • J Bates, Channel 2, Boise: You know what's interesting about J Bates' picks? Nothing.
  • Troy Oppie, Channel 2, Boise: The Channel 2 news kid made waves last year by giving Utah State way too much credit. He learned his lesson. Now he is giving way too much credit to Proactiv.
  • Nate Kuester, Channel 12, Boise: Kuester does not want you to think he is a homer. He just can't name any other defensive players in the WAC.
  • Andrew Marden, Channel 47, Fresno: Marden went with a Bulldog for his preseason DPOY, but not the Bulldog who almost one DPOY last year. He is the Pat HIll of preseason prognosticating.

Found some new ones? Please share in the comments.