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Where I come from: EA Sports NCAA Football 11 Available Now

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This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

NCAA Football 11 is in stores today, which means you have a lot of Boise State simming to do. I recommend not stopping until Boise State is a four-time national champion and Joe Southwick is a Heisman winner. And get Brad Elkin a Ray Guy award while you're at it.

After the jump, catch some Boise State-centric video game videos and share your story of video game experiences with the Broncos. Do you plan on buying the game? Do you plan on me buying the game and living vicariously through my Boise State dynasty?

But first, a word from our sponsor

Time to pay the man.

When you go to a particular school or grow up around college football, you are more than just a fan. It’s who you are. We thought we could leverage this pride in your roots and show that ‘where you come from’ is more than just a statement about geography. By positioning NCAA Football 11 as a game that understands this pride and is authentic to these traditions, the takeaway should be that anything that is in college football is in NCAA Football 11.

And this doesn’t just include game play (though that’s a huge part of it). It’s rivals and mascots; it’s legends and stories. It’s those things that are at the very fabric of the game itself. Of course the game is great this year as well. With authentic entrances, mascots and specific offenses for each team, the term "where I come from" takes on a much larger meaning. While NCAA Football 11 is ultimately a great sports sim, it should also give you a sense of the pride and emotion one has for being a fan of a team they will never not be a part of.

I wonder if this means that when you play a home game as the Vandals someone comes into your house and puts a plastic bag over your head to simulate the environment of the Kibbie Dome.

Now might be a good time to mention that if you want to buy the game online, click on any of the EA Sports banners you see around this site or on the SB Nation network.

NCAA Football 11 videos, take one through three

KTVB scored some Boise State footage of the new game that may or may not work when you click the play button. Head to the KTVB website if it doesn't.

Famed sports video game blog Pasta Padre also got their hands on an early copy and for some reason decided to sim a Purdue - Boise State game.

And last but not least - Austin Pettis catching touchdowns while wearing long underwear.

My Boise State video game experience

My video game of choice is Madden anything, preferably on the Gamecube and sometimes on the PS3. As such, I have to get a little creative to shoehorn my Boise State obsession into my pro football obsession.

My solution? Drafting exclusively Boise State players. I start a Madden franchise, usually with the New England Patriots and sometimes with the fictional New York Jubjub, and when the NFL Draft rolls around, I grab as many Boise State players as I can get my hands on.

Last year, I picked up a BSU punter in the seventh round named Clint Sutterbuck. He is pretty awful and has caused my overall special teams rating to plummet 30 points. But unless another BSU punter happens to be available in the next draft, he has never ending job security as far as I'm concerned. Same goes for 50-overall-rating Slatt Mater.

Your turn

What Boise State video game experiences have you had over the years? Will you buy NCAA Football 11 to play as the Broncos? Ever play with anyone else? Share your thoughts in the comments.