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Numerical Roster Countdown: Day 93

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Hard to believe, but we are officially under 100 days until the Broncos storm the Capital to take on the Hokies. As you may remember, last summer we embarked on the Herculean task of counting down a different roster spot for each remaining day until kickoff. Well, I burned out after about 30 days and the countdown was spotty at best until the Ducks rolled into town. I've recommitted myself this offseason however, and I'm shooting for 100 percent this time around.

We've got 93 days until today we'll be taking a look at number 93 on the Bronco roster—Justin Jungblut

#93, Justin Jungblut, Freshman, DT



Height: 6'4"

Weight: 241 lbs.

High School: Saguaro High School, Scottsdale, AZ

How'd he get to The Blue™?

Jungblut tore things up in a big way at Saguaro High school, helping lead his team to 3 straight State Championships. As a senior, Jungblut was named first team all-state, all-conference and all-defensive line after racking up 72 tackles (23 for loss) and 12 sacks. The four-year letter winner was named the 116th best defensive end in the nation heading into a recruiting season that saw him offered by Air Force, Oregon State, UNLV, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. Jungblut picked the Broncos in July of 2008 and remained firm on his commitment. The Broncos immediately penciled the big DE in at DT.


Youngblood [yuhng-bluhd]

Any German to English dictionary will tell you that Jungblut means, literally, "Youngblood". Justin certainly represents a youth movement on the Bronco D-line. It was meant to be.



Bull from Night Court

Career Highlights

None on the Blue as of yet. We'll count his three straight high school State Championships as a highlights for him thus far...suiting up for the Fiesta Bowl was I'm sure a thrill that rivaled them all.

Career Lowlight

Being offered a scholarship by Idaho.

2010 Prospectus

The slate is clean for Jungblut in 2010 after redshirting in 2009. Unfortunately for him (and very fortunately for Bronco fans), he's facing possibly the most depth we've ever had on the D-line. Whether he's playing behind Billy WInn or Chase Baker, Jungblut will have to contend with at least 8 other tackles that are hoping to slide into the 2 spot behind the incumbents—if he can overcome experienced tackles like JP Nisby, Darren Koontz, and Chuck Hayes, or close the bulk gap a tad between himself and Michael Atkinson or Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe...he can make a significant impact like many freshman have on the D-line of late. Another thing that Jungblut will likely contend with is improving his grasp on the tackle position after playing defensive end in high school, something Coach Kwiatkowski will no doubt have helped him with throughout his redshirt year and in Spring Camp. My guess is that we'll see plenty of Jungblut this Fall. While he may not be the one who tears up the statbooks in his freshman campaign, he will provide valuable depth and represent fresh legs that the D-coordinator can rotate in to keep offenses guessing and O-lines huffing and puffing.

Completely made up fact

Jungblut went to high school with current Bronco O-lineman Joe Kellogg. During their playing days, the duo were known as "Ginger and the German".