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OBNUG T-shirt contest: Vote for your favorite

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If you came here looking for Mountain West expansion news, that probably makes sense since this is a Boise State blog and all. But we have more important things to do right now - like decide on a blog T-shirt. (Plus, I have covered MWC expansion ad nauseum over the last four months.)

Full descriptions of the T-shirt nominees are after the jump. Poll is below. Vote for your favorite, and we'll all be rolling in 100% pre-shrunk cotton by July.

The nominees

Many thanks to the T-shirt submissions in Monday's comment section and the ones sent to the email address. I only wish that I could make shirts out of all the ideas I received

Here is your list of final candidates. I'll take the top three into consideration for the final design and get some demo shirts mocked-up. Choose wisely, and feel free to share any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or design tips in the comments.

  • An official One Bronco Nation Under God T-shirt. I've always dreamed of wearing my favorite website, and since there are no immediate plans for a Dustin Lapray blog shirt (or would it be a bandanna?), this may be as close as I get. Final design is TBD, but I am confident we can come up with something cool.
  • Jeron Johnson likes your girlfriend ... What are you going to do about it? Submitted by reader Moore Walks On Water.
  • "They keep underestimating us. I don't know why they keep doing that." - Kyle Wilson Submitted by reader riflemn.
  • I Dig Doug. Based on the classic Dig Dug video game, this shirt would be a low-fi tribute to Doug Martin, complete with pixely avatar.
  • Colin Kaepernick and the Nevada playbook. Courtesy of Moore Walks On Water, the shirt would include the following plays: Kaepernick left, Kaepernick right, RB up the middle, Incomplete pass.
  • Boise State went 14-0 and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.
  • Hammer Time. Combining the powers of the Boise State sledgehammer and MC Hammer. Courtesy Jason Haberman.
  • Kellen Moore 4 Heisman. Featuring either a Kellen Moore fact (a la Chuck Norris facts), a well-placed headline pun, or both. (Thanks to Mikrino for the tip.)
  • University of Idaho FAIL. Take your pick of embarrassing Idaho moments and put them on a T-shirt. An assist to greekpadre and others for suggestions on this shirt.
  • Bronco Nation map. A blue and orange United States or a blue and orange Idaho or a blue and orange earth.

Vote away.