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Speed, strength, agility numbers for Boise State football players

If you needed proof that the Boise State football team is recruiting a whole different class of athlete than ever before, consider this: its running back is as strong as its linemen and its defensive end is as fast as its wide receivers.

Results from BSU's spring weight room sessions show everything from 40 times to bench press numbers, and there is a fair share of surprising, awesome, wholly remarkable results. Who is the fastest Bronco? Are we sure Doug Martin is human? Why is Ebo Makinde everywhere I look? Join me after the jump for all the numbers, and share your reaction in the comments.

Many thanks to the Idaho Statesman for posting the list, and kudos to ty_ol for getting the conversation started in a FanShot over the weekend.

40-yard dash

The fastest man on last year's team was D.J. Harper who ran a 4.34. I'm guessing you don't see his name below because he wasn't about to hurry back from a severe ACL tear to race 40 yards with his shirt off. Also, Kyle Wilson ran a 4.36 last season. Kellen Moore runs a 4.89 40.

1. CB Ebo Makinde, 4.34 seconds

t-2. WR Titus Young, 4.40

t-2. CB Jamar Taylor, 4.40

4. WR Geraldo Hiwat, 4.41

5. DE Kharyee Marshall, 4.42

Notable: RB Jeremy Avery (4.44), RB Doug Martin (4.46), WR Austin Pettis (4.48)

Observations: A defensive end should not be able to run a 4.42 40-yard dash ... Case in point, at this year's NFL Combine, the fastest DL time in the 40 was a 4.64 by Arizona State DE Dexter Davis, and Marshall's time would have been the eighth-best out of everyone, including the top cornerback time ... According to the Statesman's story from last year, Avery, Martin, and Brandyn Thompson all ran under a 4.4 in 2009 ...Other 40 times I would be curious to know: Kirby Moore (I can't tell if he's fast or not), Brandyn Thompson, Shea McClellin, Jerrell Gavins ...

3-cone drill

The 3-cone drill is the worst. Here's someone not doing it nearly as well as Ebo Makinde did it:


1. CB Ebo Makinde, 6.39 seconds

2. WR Titus Young, 6.43

3. CB Jamar Taylor, 6.52

4. CB Brandyn Thompson, 6.58

5. WR Austin Pettis, 6.64

Observations: I can't imagine Marshall or Martin were too far behind in this one ... Good to see Boise State's WRs and CBs as the team's most agile athletes ... That makes the score Titus Young 2, Austin Pettis 0, and you know they totally have an actual scoreboard that keeps track of these things in the WR meeting room ...

Pro agility

Honestly, I had no idea what this drill was until I YouTube'd it. I guess this skill would come in handy if you are really bad at reading counter plays.

1. CB Ebo Makinde, 3.86 seconds

t-2. WR Austin Pettis, 3.88

t-2. CB Jamar Taylor, 3.88

4. S George Iloka, 3.92

5. WR Titus Young, 3.93

Vertical jump

The most useless football measurement ever?

t-1. CB Ebo Makinde, 37 inches

t-1. FB Dan Paul, 37

t-1. S George Iloka, 37

t-1. WR Aaron Burks, 37

t-5. WR Tyler Shoemaker, 36.5

t-5. RB Doug Martin, 36.5

Observations: Anyone else surprised that Austin Pettis isn't on this list? ... Let me be the first to call for fade passes to Dan Paul next season ...

Bench press

1. DT J.P. Nisby, 445 pounds

2. DT Chuck Hayes, 425

3. DT Michael Atkinson, 405

4. DT Billy Winn, 390

5. RB Doug Martin, 385

Observations: Four defensive tackles and Doug Martin ... Things that are 400 pounds: small motor vehicles, 1600 quarter pounders, John Goodman ...

Hang clean

Basically a clean-and-jerk, this exercise tests whole body strength and is best done, according to the picture, when wearing a head-to-toe sweatsuit and growing a beard between steps one and six.



1. FB Dan Paul, 401 pounds

2. RB Doug Martin, 352

3. TE Chandler Koch, 343

4. WR Tyler Jackson, 333

5. DT Michael Atkinson, 328

Observations: In case you were not aware, Dan Paul is built ... This confirms it: Doug Martin is one big muscle ...

Back squat

Trevor Harman, pictured.


1. DT Michael Atkinson, 600 pounds

2. FB Dan Paul, 575

t-3. RB Doug Martin, 530

t-3. DE Jarrell Root, 530

t-3. OL Spencer Gerke, 530

t-3. OL Joe Kellogg, 530

Observations: Once again, Doug Martin, Dan Paul, and a bunch of linemen ...

Your turn

What do you think about this collection of numbers from Boise State's workouts? Impressed by Ebo Makinde? Awed by Doug Martin? How close did you come to these numbers during your playing days? Share your thoughts in the comments.