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Preseason rankings have Boise State as a composite No. 3

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When the official preseason polls are revealed this August, Boise State is expected to be a Top Five team. And if the super early rankings are any indication, they could be as high as No. 3.

After the jump, take a look at a chart detailing the preseason picks of 10 major college football voices and see what the Broncos have to contend with to get to No. 3 this summer. Where would you put BSU in the preseason polls? Is jumping Ohio State too much to ask? Let's take a look.

First seen on EDSBs, the composite spreadsheet of preseason rankings takes into account online and magazine polls from such luminaries as Phil Steele, Mark Schlabach, Tony Barnhart, Andy Staples, Dennis Dodd, Lindy's, and Athlon. The lack of Bleacher Report is so refreshing.

The original spreadsheet lacked a certain bit of flair, so I reproduced the whole thing, broke it down into sheets of standard rankings, color-coded rankings, BSU-specific rankings, and links, and then I embedded the sucker below because I like it when blog posts take a minute-and-a-half to load.

Things I observed:

Boise State is a solid No. 3 and very nearly a No. 2

At the risk of sounding like a Fresno State fan circa 2001-2008, I am really excited about these preseason polls. Those who know seem to either think that the Broncos are going to play for the national championship or they are going to be a Top Six team. That sure beats Idaho's preseason odds of Humanitarian Bowl repeat or 2-win season.

Case in point, four of the ten experts have the Broncos at No. 2. Six of the ten have them at No. 2 or No. 3. The Broncos are nipping right on the heels of composite No. 2 Ohio State, and BSU is sitting comfortably ahead of Nos. 4 and 5 Texas and Florida. If Tony Barnhart was not so sold on SEC football being the bee's knees, the Broncos could very well be at No. 2 by their lonesome.

Fanhouse loves Boise State so much. You just wouldn't understand!

Brett McMurphy at AOL Fanhouse was the only pollster brave enough and with enough editorial freedom to put the Broncos at No. 1. He also had Iowa at No. 2, so you may not want to read too much into this one.

The most important voter in this spreadsheet is Andy Staples, much to the delight of Andy Staples

Staples is the only one of the bunch who actually gets to vote in the AP poll, and even then his importance is relative since the AP doesn't end up in any BCS formulas. Nevertheless, the Broncos will be getting the full 24 points from Staples as his No. 2 team ... unless he changes his mind between today and a month or two from today.

Here is Staples' Top Five:

  1. Alabama
  2. Boise State
  3. Ohio State
  4. Texas
  5. Iowa

Non-BCS scorecard: WAC ties Mountain West, Sun Belt ties NAIA

The WAC and the Mountain West each put one team in the composite Top 25, and I'm kind of surprised the WAC hasn't sent out a press release about it yet. Boise State is No. 3, TCU is No. 6,. and you have to scroll all the way down to No. 31 to find Utah.

Houston also sneaked into the spreadsheet at No. 28, but we all know Houston is going to lose to Directional Florida at some point, so it's sort of moot.

Virginia Tech is No. 10, and other stuff you should care about

The Hokies came in as high as No. 5 (multiple polls) and as low as No. 17 (Tony Barnhart), proving that no one really knows how good this team will be. In other team rankings of tangential importance to Bronco fans, Oregon was No. 9, Oregon State was No. 21, and Phil Steele was the only one to vote for Notre Dame but he voted them No. 16 so the Irish are the 29th best team on the spreadsheet.

Hey, speaking of Phil Steele ...

Phil Steele's boldness makes me feel like less of a man

I wish I had the courage of Phil Steele. Picking Oklahoma No. 1, having Notre Dame anywhere near his Top 25, putting Wisconsin at No. 23  - these things take guts. Assigning Boise State its lowest ranking in the spreadsheet at No. 6 - that takes crazy pills.

Got a poll you'd like to see added?

Leave a comment or send me an email. I'll update the spreadsheet throughout the rest of the offseason and we may revisit this topic one more time before the season starts.

Your turn

What do you think about a No. 3 ranking for Boise State? Too high? Too low? Think the Broncos will/should top the Buckeyes when the official polls are revealed? Share your thoughts in the comments.