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Boise State to the Mountain West: Winners and losers and by losers I mean Vandals

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Boise State's move to the Mountain West yesterday will go down as one of the most important days in Bronco Nation history. New competition, more revenue, less San Jose State - the Broncos in the Mountain West just works on so many levels ... except on whatever level the University of Idaho is.

With the dust still settling and not set to be done settling until much later this summer/year/2011, here is a look at some early winners and losers of the defection heard 'round the WAC.

If you missed the big announcement yesterday, then how dare you for having other things going on in your life than Boise State football. The Mountain West move is recapped in exhaustive detail here. Be the 500th person to comment.

Winners, Winners, Chicken Dinners

Boise State President Bob Kustra

Kustra has spent the past seven years lobbying for the Broncos to get a place in the Mountain West Conference, and he deserved all the praise and congratulations he got on Friday for a job well done. Kustra was beaming during Boise State's press conference yesterday afternoon, and his breathless re-telling of the events of the invite endeared him to Bronco Nation in a way that administrators typically do not see.

Plus, he reads the blogs!

He went to his home office and perused the Internet. He read stories about college conference realignment.  

Kustra has vaulted himself to icon status in Bronco Nation with his tireless efforts to both get the Broncos in the Mountain West and to stump for BCS bids in years past. Kustra deserves everything good that will come to him and Boise State University after this deal is done.

Fresno State head coach Pat HIll

As reader mikrino noted, with Boise State out of the way in the WAC, Fresno State might finally win a WAC championship. Sticking with Pat Hill was totally worth it!

radio personality Paul J. Schneider

The once and always voice of Bronco Nation, Schneider took much grief a year-and-a-half ago when he boldly predicted that the Broncos would join the Mountain West. Well, who's laughing now? (Note: Probably Bob Kustra because he's still really excited.)

SB Nation blog Mountain West Connection

OBNUG's SB Nation neighbor got some good pub from the national blogs as the one who called this whole thing months ago. Congrats to Jeremy and gang for reading the writing on the wall about the same time everyone else did but for having a blog and needing story ideas in late January.

Bronco Stadium

Now that, you know, actual teams will be on the Broncos' conference schedule, Boise State AD Gene Bleymaier expects to put more buns in more seats. So why not add more seats?

Bleymaier said this will provide an extra push to expand Bronco Stadium. The Broncos should draw much better against this schedule.

So long as a Dairy Queen booth is in the works, I'm on board.

Mountain West basketball teams

Free wins!

La-hoo-za-hers (Losers)

Mountain West football teams

More losses!

Tuesday night football games

The Mountain West views non-Saturday football games as a sin, so you'd better get your fill of Boise State - LaTech on a Tuesday night this year because that may be the last time your Boise State football ever touches your hump day.

The Idaho Vandals

How bad is this move for the Vandals? Let me count the ways.

  1. They see their in-state nemesis move on for bigger and better things, while they get left behind.
  2. There may be no Boise State - Idaho game in 2011.
  3. Coach Pete says stuff like this:
    "The thing is in the new league you create new rivals, especially with the proximity of this new league. It will be interesting how many newrivalries are created," he said. And if the rivals do schedule future games, Petersen said, "it would be a much better game down here in Boise."

  4. Bob Kustra > Rob Spear
  5. Ha! The Vandals weren't invited.

For those of you who like your speculation with a side of perspective, here is some added detail to the rumor that the Boise State vs. Idaho rivalry will not happen in 2011. The main reason for this belief is that the Broncos' non-conference schedule is full if the MWC decides to go to a nine-game conference schedule. However, the nine-game sked is no way set in stone, and if the MWC expands to 12, that will make the nine-gamer moot altogether. In other words, hold tight until all the expansion stuff settles down.


Replacing Boise State with UC Davis is not good business.

Your turn

Who are the winners and losers that you see from the Mountain West's move to grab Boise State? Are you as much in love with Bob Kustra as I am? Glad to see Idaho get the shaft? Share your thoughts in the comments.