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OBNUG T-shirt contest: Now taking submissions

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Looking for something to wear to Boise State's Labor Day opener against Virginia Tech? Then you've come to the right blog post.

This post kicks off the first annual nationwide OBNUG T-shirt search with open submissions for designs of BSU clothing. Got a grand idea for a Boise State T-shirt? Share your concepts in the comments and go below the jump for some ideas to get the creative juices flowing. We'll vote on the final design later this week. Make it work, OBNUGgers.

A brief history of the OBNUG T-shirt

I've been told that you are not a real blog until you have a blog T-shirt, so expect a Murph's Turf polo any time now. Blogs with shirts exude authenticity, dependability, and a degree of solvency such that printing T-shirts would not break you. OBNUG is barely that, and I happen to know a guy in shirts. The time has come.

Readers have been asking for an OBNUG t-shirt for some time now, and my answer has always been, "I will get right on that." Well, I am now on that. The official OBNUG T-shirt will be an annual contest to see who can come up with the wittiest, catchiest, funniest, truthiest slogan or pic that works as a tee. We'll go all year with the shirt being the official dress code of OBNUG, and then we'll start it all again the following year.

Sound like fun? Then let's get started.


"I'm concerned ..." (via


The idea train has left the station. Tickets!

I came up with a starting point for T-shirt ideas, partly to inspire more great submissions in the comments and partly because I secretly long to be a contestant on Project Runway. Some humble suggestions.

  • "My team went 14-0 and all I got was this lousy T-shirt"
  • "Mr. Fiskers is my homeboy" a la this shirt
  • "It's Hammer time" with a silhouette of MC Hammer holding a sledgehammer (courtesy Jason Haberman)
  • An actual fist, pumping
  • "Craig James voting proxy"

Lend me your submissions

In the spirit of OBNUG contests, choosing the OBNUG T-shirt is going to be a democratic affair. Readers and commenters make the suggestions; readers and commenters make the decision. (And I try not to get too involved but end up failing miserably.)

Got a great idea for a Boise State t-shirt? Share your vision in the comments.

The submission chosen as the official OBNUG design will receive a free final copy of the T-shirt. It's the least I could do considering I'll be commandeering your creative thought.

Some possible T-shirt categories to steer you in the right direction:

  • T-shirts themed around how awful the BCS is.
  • T-shirts praising a particular player or coach.
  • T-shirts making fun of the Vandals.
  • Acrostics of Mark May.

Submission deadline

Get your ideas in by leaving a comment on this post or sending an email to no later than Thursday morning. That's when we vote to either decide on the OBNUG T-shirt or narrow down the list of candidates to something a little more wieldy.

Looking forward to your thoughts and ideas. Get creative.