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The OBNUG Five Minute* Podcast


Well, we finally did it...or are attempting to at any rate. Here is the official OBNUG podcast which we've thoughtfully (and ironically) named the OBNUG Five Minute* Podcast. That little asterisk means that you can't sue us when we frequently fail to fall within our 5 minute constraints. Overall, just keep in mind that this is our first attempt, so we're sure to get better with this whole audio thing as we work the bugs out. Also, I would like to apologize for saying "uh" so many times. I think a fun drinking game might be to take a shot every time Nick or I say "uh"...and by "fun", of course, I mean you will awaken in the hospital having your stomach pumped. We hope you enjoy this new OBNUG endeavor and don't forget about JT Ray's excellent long-format podcast over at


If you have any guests you'd like to hear from, topics you'd like to hear discussed, or to join us on a future podcast...drop us a line at

If you're having trouble seeing or hearing the flash player, you can download the podcast HERE (and soon on iTunes). Also...get with the program, Grandpa.