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Boise State schedules game at Ole Miss for 2011 season opener

Boise State is taking on the SEC in 2011. The big-name opponent on Boise State's 2011 schedule is going to be the Ole Miss Rebels, and the visit to Oxford, Mississippi, will be played September 3 as the season opener for the two schools.

After the jump, find out how much Boise State will make and what Boise State's non-conference schedule looks like now, and leave your thoughts on how you feel about an Ole Miss matchup.

Circle your yet-to-be-purchased 2011 calendars for September 3, 2011

The Broncos will be heading to Mississippi for the season opener on September 3rd. Would ESPN turn the showdown into a kickoff weekend special, much like it did with BSU-Oregon last season? You bet they would. There's money involved, isn't there?

This rounds out Boise State's 2011 non-conference schedule.

  • at Ole Miss, September 3
  • vs. Wyoming, September 10
  • at Toledo, September 17
  • vs. Tulsa, September 24
  • vs. Utah, October 1

Let the strength of schedule complaining begin.

Show Boise State the money

Ole Miss is forking over $900,000 for the one-off game. For comparison, Boise State is getting $1.25 million for its date with Virginia Tech this Labor Day ... or, as Graham Watson puts it, one dollar and twenty-five cents.


Instant reaction on Twitter

Dan Wetzel makes mention that an ESPN broadcast and no doubt the invisible hand of the Worldwide Leader helped make this game happen:

Boise had offered to play anywhere, no return date to the blue turf. ESPN willing to broadcast. Everyone ducked them until Ole Miss

Andy Staples is happy with the decision.

Here's the deal. If you are Ole Miss or Arizona or Wisconsin or NC State, you should pay up and play Boise State. It's like buying ad time.

And some guy named Matt Mobile begins smack-talking already.

@Andy_Staples will BSU fans shut up now

Yay for Twitter!

I do not remember the last time Boise State played an SEC team

Nope. Pretty sure it has never happened before.


Photo credit: My night sweats. (via


Get to know your new SB Nation flame war buddies for the 2011 offseason

SB Nation's Red Cup Rebellion is the online home of Ole Miss fans, and it will most likely be the online home of several OBNUG commenters beginning in February 2011.

Other random notes:

  • Think current Ole Miss coach and former BSU coach Houston Nutt had anything to do with this? Update: Yes, he did.
  • The $900,000 payout is the richest in Ole Miss history.
  • Too soon to call this the Nutt Bowl?
  • This game marks the first meeting between the two schools.
  • Thanks to reader ASP1223 for getting this conversation started with a FanShot.
  • Drop everything. Gene Bleymaier has something to say.
    "This will be a great game to start the 2011 season," Bleymaier said in a statement. "Playing a team coached by Houston Nutt will add to the fun and excitement."

    Never mind. That was obviously an intern.
  • Contrary to what you may read over the next couple days, this will not be the first rematch of Houston Nutt vs. Boise State. The Broncos lost to a Nutt-coached Arkansas team in 2000 and 2002.
  • What teams did Boise State miss out on adding? I came up with a list of possible opponents way back in April, and the favorites for BSU's 2011 schedule were Alabama and Michigan. Where did Mississippi rank on the list? Nowhere, because I neglected to include them. How do you like me now, SPU journalism degree?
  • Having Boise State on the slate dramatically improves Ole Miss' non-conference schedule. This year, the Rebels face Jacksonville State, Tulane, Fresno State, and Louisiana-Lafayette. Last year, the Rebels had Southeast Louisiana, Northern Arizona, UAB, and Memphis.
  • Louisiana-Lafayette held the previous payout record of $725,000 for its game against the Rebels this season. Fresno State's payout: character. Right, Pat Hill?
  • The Broncos had been asking for $1,000,000 for a one game series.

Your turn

Are you excited to see Ole Miss on the schedule? How do you think the Broncos will match up? Did Gene Bleymaier earn his keep with this one? Share your thoughts in the comments.