A Boise State national championship t-shirt? Where do I order?

Enjoy cool Boise State t-shirts? Despise polls? Then shirt maker 4th and Forever has a deal for you.

Behold the incredibly unofficial but completely plausible Boise State national champions tee. And while you're beholding, wrap your head around this: 4th and Forever is offering OBNUG readers a 20 percent discount on all merchandise purchases. OBNUG temp, grab my credit card!


Use coupon code OBNUG20 at checkout for your 20 percent discount.

You can order the Boise State national championship t-shirt and much more sports-themed wonder garb (the 4F gang sent me a "Ditka vs. God" shirt, which will make me the coolest person in Chicago if I am ever in Chicago) over at the 4th and Forever web store. Or ...

You can win one for free.

In 4th and Forever's continued love affair with you, they are offering a free National Champions t-shirt to a lucky OBNUG reader. Here is what you have to do to win:

Leave a comment on this post, answering this question: Who is your favorite Boise State player of all-time?

Comments must be made by 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 13, because that is the arbitrary date I chose. A winner will be selected among the submitted comments, most likely amid cries of "Unfair!" and/or "You are a ruiner of lives," either of which will roll off my back not because I am thick-skinned (I am the opposite) but because we are sure to do more fun stuff like this throughout the offseason and season.

Start your commenting engines, place your discounted 4th and Forever web store orders, and be very grateful that someone loves us as much as we love ourselves.

Good luck, OBNUG readers, and many thanks, 4F.

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