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Spring practice recap: Day Eleven: Here comes the sun

The local news media finally returned from Spring Break in Panama City (Zach Wolken won the limbo competition) and decided to do a little reporting. I decided to do a little retorting. Spring Practice Day 11...AWAY!



Story of the day

Jamar Taylor is feeling just dandy

Don't take my word for it. Dustin Lapray prooves it (the extra "o" is for optimism).

Jamar Taylor may have an early bead on Kyle Wilson's corner slot thanks to a Jerrell Gavins ankle injury (no, Jeff Gillooly is not on his rolodex). Hard to believe, but the redshirt sophomore has more game experience than the speedy Gavins, and maybe more importantly, is taller than 2 feet taller than Gavins (give or take).

Taylor played in 13 games for the Broncos in 2008 and appeared ready to break out in '09, but a meniscus tear (as LaDustin describes it "tragedy") forced his hand in declaring a medical redshirt while he rehabbed. Well, Taylor is now a year wiser, and his knee is a year stronger—he's ready to get in on some of that sweet 3-2-6 action.

“I’m just real hungry,” Taylor said. “I want to start, want to contribute to this team. I’m always trying to be in the front, to do things right. My mission is to go out and start, but also to help my team win a championship, win the WAC and be the best leader I can be, to just get better every day.”

We'll have the intern check and see if he left out any sports cliché in that statement.

Lapel mic of the day

Brent Pease

Highlights include Pease yelling at the Dutch kid and jamming his hand in a giant corn cob. Fresh.

Hiwat is looking a lot thicker this Spring, which is a good thing, and it looks like Dan Paul's little bro is donning the immortal #41 (along with Kharyee Marshall) and foregoing a stint at linebacker to jump right in at FB/TE. Also of note, Titus Young was within 5 feet of a video camera and did not flash the "hang loose" sign. Progress.

Titus Young Twitter Tracker

Our most valuable tweeter took a bit of a hiatus for Spring Break, but he's back with thoughts so deep they squeak.

Time waits for no man

Eh...what else you got?

You can spend a whole day in streets long as your buisness handled

Ahhh. That's the stuff.

You know your compettitive if even someone comes to close in a warm up sprint, you can't wait for the next rep.

Geez, he is competitive. Even his spelling of the word "competitive" has to have just one more "T" than everybody else.

The slauson stay krackin owwwww weeeeee



  • Coughlin v. Southwick is the most compelling backup quarterback race since Mike Sanford v. Cade Woolstenhulme. Both can run. Both can throw. Only one can grow a creepy mustache.
  • Malcolm Johnson = Even Steven. Johnson made a "dream-like" grab along the sideline before fumbling on consecutive plays. I'm just happy he's suited up.
  • There may be a highly-touted running back from Oregon turning heads this just might not be who everyone expected. Raphiel Lambert impressed in the first Bronco scrimmage and has continued his strong play through Day 11 of Spring camp. You sheepish lion, you.
  • The Bronco starting defense next year may indeed be G.O.A.T. They've been making Kellen Moore look like Dudley Moore so far this Spring.
  • Shea McClellin, Billy Winn, Derrell Acrey, Winston Venable, and Byron Hout refuse to play nice. Nice.

Dustin Lapray quote of the day

Lapray goes all Robert Frost with his magnum opus Into the Light

Kharyee Marshall and Nicholas Alexander are two polar ends, of two divergent minds and bodies, barreling along a similar meridian.

It's almost as if he was writing a football article, and then all of a sudden, Maya Angelou popped in unannounced.

Oh...wait. He wasn't finished.

It’s not the hairline contributions of a single player that define a play, but the amalgamation of all, the full head of hair, that determines a positive or negative outcome.

Reading Lapray is like sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings while wearing an ascot and monacle.

Also...Dustin proves, definitively, that the word "gangling" is used far too seldom.

Your turn

Will Jamar Taylor be Kyle Wilson's heir? Could this year's defense make opponents look like the Washington Generals? Did Dustin Lapray peak too soon with yesterday's column?