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Kyle Wilson's grand transgressions



On Thursday evening, Kyle Wilson became the second ever Bronco player to be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. After sky-rocketing up draft boards in the months and weeks leading up to the big day, many were a little surprised that Wilson was still around when the Jets grabbed him with pick number 29. Some in the media have suggested that Wilson's stock dropped due to lack of elite college competition...others have proposed that the virtually spotless ex-team captain had off-field issues. One writer even referred to him as a "bad boy". So what exactly were these character issues and off-field problems that led to Wilson suffering the gross indignity of being selected 29th? I did some searching. Let's just say, they were right to be concerned.

After the jump, I'll lay WIlson's rap sheet out for all to see. Prepare yourselves.


  • Ticketed for going 65 mph in a school zone his junior year while out for a brisk jog.
  • Found to have lied about favorite colors being black and yellow during interview with Steelers.
  • Charged with the attempted homicide of Andy Dalton on a corner blitz during regulation play of 2009 Fiesta Bowl.
  • During vertical jump test, callously slapped at colored plastic markers.
  • He's from New Jersey.
  • Guilty of feigning excitement during pre-season commercial that also starred Richie Brockel.
  • Violated restraining order placed by wide receiver Freddie Barnes prior to Bowling Green game.
  • Didn't list "dreadlocks" as one of his dependants on 2008 W-4 tax form.
  • At Pro Day, ran his 40 in boxer briefs, violating several local decency statutes.
  • Ball hog.
  • Lied to kids at local middle school by telling them they could accomplish anything they set their minds too.
  • Picked the pocket of a Nevada running back during 2006 game.
  • Kyle Wilson RV had expired registration stickers.
  • Trained like a mad-man, leading some to question mental stability.
  • Seen several times wielding large sledgehammer.

That's all I could dig up. If you've been able to unearth any more shocking Kyle WIlson transgressions that might have contributed to his a public service, let us know in the comments.