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Spring practice recap: Day Four: Keep the backup quarterbacks away from the red zone

Boise State has been working on red zone offense this spring so as never to be in another 34-16 game against UC Davis. Results so far? Mostly good, no thanks to Michael Coughlin and Joe Southwick.

After the jump, read about Coughlin and Southwick's red zone adventures yesterday, and share your thoughts on who you expect to be under backup center when the first spring scrimmage kicks off next week. Are you Team Coughlin or Team Southwick? Let's discuss.

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Story of the day

Mike Coughlin and Joe Southwick are not helping Boise State's red zone confidence

Dave Southorn reports from spring practice:

During the first four spring practices, the Broncos have done quite a bit of work inside the 20 during team drills, but on Monday, the defense got the upper hand, it seemed. Safety Travis Stanaway picked off Mike Coughlin and linebacker Derrell Acrey picked off Joe Southwick during the dozen or so plays the team worked on inside the 20 at the tail end of practice.

Southorn says nothing of the other 10 plays from inside the red zone or of how un-Coughlin-like Kellen Moore looked. So what can we really learn from this? A couple of things.

First, Coughlin and Southwick are going to have a fun time battling for Kellen Moore's backup job. It appears that both are flawed an equal amount, so the backup duties could come down to which one performs better in spring and fall scrimmages.

Second, Boise State is serious about this red zone business. Southorn also reminded everyone that BSU picked the brains of the Texas coaching staff on how to improve red zone efficiency. If only Tom Emanski made a DVD series on scoring from inside the 20! Bryan Harsin would be all over that.


Endorsed by Fred McGriff! (via


And third, the Boise State defense is just fine, thanks. In case anyone had forgot, the Broncos specialize in turning offenses into fumbling, bumbling anarchists. As such, I can only assume that Mike Coughlin's interception came off an ill-fated option right that he audibled into a jump pass.

Former Bronco of the day

TE Trevor Peterson

Chadd Cripe reports that Peterson, a highly touted TE prospect who redshirted in 2009, has left the team. There was a lot of buzz around Peterson when he joined the team. The California kid was a big-bodied, fast-moving prospect right out of high school, and he was expected to be Derek Schouman 2.0 once he saw the field. He will be missed.


Note: He will not be missed by small, WAC defensive backs. (via


Too soon for a depth chart update?

What's more is that Peterson was on scholarship, which means the Broncos now have a little more room to maneuver with their 2010 recruiting class. Instead of grayshirting anyone who looks at Coach Pete funny, they can now afford to stick an extra player on the roster. Might it be Sosnowski now that the team is down a TE?


"We're back on the weird days," Boise State coach Chris Petersen said. "That's OK. Our guys do a good job with those."

  • Good to hear Travis Stanaway's name mentioned. For all intents and purposes, Stanaway is Jeron Johnson's primary backup, so having him playing well is key to Boise State's defensive depth. Plus, Johnson is likely to kill a man this season, and that will probably be a one-game suspension.

Dustin Lapray quote of the day

Lapray has not covered spring practice since last Wednesday, but he did take the time to write a fluff piece on the Broncos for Sunday's paper. Who doesn't love opening the Sunday paper and reading about the changed bodies of defensive linemen? I sure do.

These truths are evident in the eyes of redshirt freshmen so ecstatic to be on the active roster, in the changed bodies of defensive linemen hoarding carbohydrates and gutting high-calorie diets to put on extra weight (so invaluable in the trenches).

Carbo-hoard is the new calorie-glut.

Your turn

What do you make of the Coughlin-Southwick QB battle? Think the Broncos need to improve in the red zone to have a successful 2010? Bummed about the loss of Trevor Peterson? Share your thoughts in the comments.