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Which Boise State receiver has the most to prove during spring practice?

Idaho Statesman reporter Chadd Cripe published some comments from Boise State WR coach Brent Pease yesterday regarding the state of BSU's receiver position. With Boise State's top-heavy depth chart in need of some quality depth, Pease's comments carry added meaning ... and with added meaning comes hyperbole and speculation!

Which Bronco wide receiver has the most to prove? After the jump, read Pease's comments, and discuss which player has the most pressure to perform.

Note: No spring practice reports from yesterday, either because practice did not happen, reporters were not invited, or intense apathy has taken over.

From Coach Pease

On Chris Potter and Mitch Burroughs:

"I don’t know if their production was as high as we needed it. We started to see some flashes. It’s consistency with them. Chris came on at the end of the year ... Mitch has to be more productive. He had some opportunities. He’s got to be more consistent."

On priorities this offseason:

"Better blocking, develop the youth and polish up just the integrity of each receiver, the route scheme, so they understand how they’re all working together."

From Chadd Cripe

Head over to Cripe's Bronco Beat blog for his breakdown of the Bronco wide receivers. Cripe has stats and measurements on the main contributors this spring as well as Pease's perspective on injured Kirby Moore. Other tidbits that were notable to me:

  • Potter and Burroughs had 19 catches combined last season.
  • Austin Pettis is not yet participating in 11-on-11 drills.
  • Geraldo Hiwat and Aaron Burks are tall. Burks (6'2") has five inches on Potter and Burroughs. Hiwat (6'4") has seven inches. It's not quite Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues, but it's still significant.


The pre-Gheorghe Muresan years. (via

Wide receivers with something to prove

  • Tyler Shoemaker. Last year's starter at the slot position, Shoemaker had a strange habit of disappearing for entire games at a time. Late in the season, he disappeared completely with a hernia injury that sidelined him for several games and gave Kirby Moore a chance to make a name for himself. Some fans think Shoemaker may be playing for his starting job this offseason. A good spring (and one without an injured Moore to push him) may help.
  • Mitch Burroughs. Pease's assessment of Burroughs as a player who needs to make the most of his chances was spot on. The Broncos put Burroughs in plenty of positions to succeed last year, and more often than not (and sometimes quite literally) he dropped the ball.
  • Chris Potter. Though he saw plenty of time on the field last season, Potter rarely flashed the type of skill that proved he belonged on the field. His blocking is top-notch, and rumor has it he has all the receiving ability a player could want. If Potter is able to put it all together this offseason, he could be a viable No. 4 or No. 5.
  • Aaron Burks. Burks almost stole Kirby Moore's true freshman roster spot out from under his nose with a stellar fall camp last season. Tall and rangy, Burks is expected to pick up where he left off and seriously challenge for a backup spot.
  • Geraldo Hiwat. Like Burks, Hiwat benefited from a redshirt season that allowed him to soak up the offense and refine his receiver skills. Whether or not he is at the same level as Burks remains to be seen, but he will at least have an opportunity to unseat some players on the depth chart above him.

Note: Kirby Moore is not on this list because he will not be participating in spring practice due to injury.

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Which Boise State wide receiver has the most to prove this spring? Is it the starting slot receiver being pushed for playing time? Is it last year's backups who failed to find consistency? Is it one of the new redshirt freshmen who are hoping to leave an impression? Share your thoughts in the comments, and vote in the poll.