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I don't think I'm gonna make it.

The offseason hasn not been good to me thus far. Lest I suffer this affliction alone...I'm reaching out to you, the Bronco faithful to help me through.

Bronco Nation, I'm sick. Post-season malaise hit me like the Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and SARS combined this year. Why, oh why didn't I wear my surgical mask to the Co-Op?

Another perfect season wound down and so did I. LOI day and the Wilcox departure all occuring so swiftly after the Broncos epic Fiesta Bowl win that I had no time to decompress. Now, faced with another Graham-tastic season of mediocre Boise State basketball and ice dancing and two-man luge infiltrating my television set, I've gone from Orange and Blue to just blue.

What is there to talk about? Sure, Kevan still churns out daily think-pieces about conference realignment and NCAA regulations, but I feel the sadness behind each keystroke. Plus, I went to Kevan's Super Bowl party and had to restrain him from ending his post-season depression permanently with a crockpot of jalapeño cheddar. Football, at any level, is are we to go on?

How can one's emotions be stirred when the Spring Ball, the NFL Draft, and Scrimmages are still weeks or months away? Even our common enemies have withdrawn to isolation and/or hibernation (shhh, nobody wake Mark May). Are we to ring our hands over the WAC swimming and diving championships? ARE WE?!

Speculation about injuries, championships, and 40 times this far out, like Ulysses Everett McGill once said, "will only rouse our hunger without bedding her back down"...making each day without live football more difficult to bear. Similarly, following Bronco players on twitter will bring more pain than joy. Each tweet about math tests and Taco Bell chalupas a sobering reminder that real football is months away.


Emo horse can't take it any more.

Where is the respite for a Bronco junkie? NCAA '10 binges or mainlining Mel Kiper live chats will leave you chasing the next high...a high cannot be achieved until Labor Day weekend. People have gone mad over less.

So here I sit, OBNUG faithful, tapping out this tragic tome in my ever-more-cluttered office. My walls covered, Beautiful Mind style, with stat sheets, season ticket renewal forms and Robb Akey mustache-grooming guides. Creed's hit single What's This Life For?* playing on a loop in iTunes and tears slowly wearing away my blue and orange facepaint. I'm going emo. I am a broken man.

Wait a sec...I just got my 2009 Bronco highlight tape in the mail. Things are gonna be allllright.


*This was written for dramatic effect...I've never been depressed enough to listen to Creed.