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Boise State media review: The best, worst, and wordiest of the past year of Bronco coverage

The Boise State football team had a season to remember in 2009, and its media coverage didn't do too shabby either. What was your favorite Bronco media memory of the 2009 season?

After the jump, read about the best places to go for Bronco coverage, the top stories of the year, and a number of awards and honors aimed at recognizing the fine folks who cover Boise State football. Plus, we all get to throw more mud on Gregg Doyel. Everybody wins.

Best source for Bronco news

Chadd Cripe's Bronco Beat blog

It seems like just yesterday that the Idaho Statesman was treating blogs like once-a-week obligations. What a difference a dying newspaper industry makes!

Cripe improved ten-fold on his blogging from the 2008 season to the 2009 season. He posted with regularity all season long, and he used his blog the way beat reporters should use their blogs: as repositories for inside information, bonus material from stories, and breaking news that cannot wait until tomorrow morning's papers go to press.

All he's missing are pointless YouTube videos and he'll be an ace at this blogging thing.

Bronco story of the year

"Boise State freshman linebacker out to prove his worth" by Chadd Cripe

"Former Bronco assistant provides blueprint for Boise State's fake punt" by Chadd Cripe

Consider it a tie for story of the year because these two pieces reflect the best of what the Statesman did from a news perspective this season. The player features during spring practices and the offseason were timely and effective. They most often always chose the right subjects. And the coverage of the Fiesta Bowl's most talked-about play was equally stellar, providing way more behind-the-scenes detail than I ever knew I wanted.

Great job by Cripe on each of these pieces, and I am not just saying that because I want him to recommend me for his job when he retires. Although, that is something that I kind of want.

Ranking the news sources

  1. Idaho Statesman
  2. KTVB Channel 7
  3. Idaho Press-Tribune
  4. The Arbiter
  5. KBOI Channel 2
  6. Magic Valley Times-News
  7. KTRV FOX 12
  8. KIVI Channel 6

A year ago, I would have had the Idaho Press-Tribune at the top of these rankings, but the Valley's two biggest media entities really pulled it together in 2009. The Statesman's online coverage improved dramatically, and KTVB sold out on Bronco coverage to the point of overdoing it.

Whoever said "Less is more"? I mean, besides KIVI Channel 6.

Best read

Scott Slant

If you are not reading the Scott Slant every morning, then we cannot be friends. Tom Scott has an uncanny ability to find the the most engaging angles on any story involving Bronco sports, and his knowledge of Boise State history is better than anyone else covering the team.

Worst description of Boise State's blue field

Spam blog

Drew unearthed this gem from a dubious spam blog (which has since been discontinued) that was partly an answer to the post's subject of "Why is Boise State's field blue?" and partly a series of intermittent prose from some sort of The Color Purple manuscript. I saved you all a snippet. You're welcome.

You will Why Is Boise State Football Field Blue the. Yes indeed wmata little fellow safely back a villain Haven’t I Why Is Boise State Football Field Blue Why Is Boise State Football Field Blue you he shouting out I tell no! cried Miss Howard wildly flinging up her with a start. I don’t know Bue breath of wind the Evelyn Howard who spoke! the way just as well as strychnine. I don’t know what who could have

Best newcomer to the Bronco media scene

Sports 2 Night

Also the only newcomer to the Bronco media scene, the blog of Channel 2's sports department is a step in the right direction for how TV stations should handle their online coverage. Whether it is the occasional genius of a J Bates blog post or the occasional inanity of a Troy Oppie rant, at least Sports 2 Night is providing unique content.

Hopefully KNIN's Rot Wyler is inspired.

Saddest good bye

Idaho Radio News

IRN proprietor Don Day put an end to his radio blog due to increased responsibilities at his day job, which is why it is always a good idea for bloggers to remain steadfastly unemployed. During IRN's time in the blogosphere, Day was the best source for local radio news, especially as it related to the Broncos. His behind-the-scenes tour de force of the Bronco radio contracts remains one of the best pieces of journalism in any form of media over the last five years. My only regret is that we did not get an expose on Magic 93.1's deejays.

Best use of Twitter

No one

The Boise State media is still figuring out how to best use Twitter for its coverage, so the winner in the meantime ... Fake Michael Bay!


Next year's candidates: Brian Murphy, Nate Kuester, Jeff Caves

Worst stint as Public Enemy No. 1

Graham Watson

ESPN's non-BCS blogger was named Boise State's Public Enemy in the offseason for her continual slights and mistrust of the 2008 football team, and how did she thank us? By being relatively on top of things this year.

There was little inequitable fawning over other WAC teams, there was hardly any Bronco putdowns, and not once did Watson claim she would never doubt the Broncos again and proceed to doubt them the following game. What gives?

And more importantly, if Craig James gets picked as Public Enemy in 2010, will he be voting the Broncos in the Top Five by mid-September? OBNUG friends, we may be more powerful than anyone of us has realized.

Best attempt at Boise State video coverage's NO HUDDLE

Boise State's athletics website had the right idea with its webisodes of behind-the-scenes Bronco information. Sadly, these series petered out over the course of the season, but while they lasted, my favorites were always Brad Larrondo's highlight segments.

And from the department of completely unrelated news videos comes my favorite news segment of the year: Bear coverage.

News gaffe of the year

Austin Pettis's broken leg

When Pettis went down with an injury in the Nevada game, Bronco fans were desperate for an update on his status. So when The Arbiter broke a story on Pettis' broken leg, the local media's first response was naturally ... to avoid the story.

Whether or not the Statesman and Press-Tribune consider The Arbiter to be a credible news source is kind of beside the point when you are the two main newspapers for a team that dominates an area's news coverage. The Arbiter's story deserved to be mentioned, and not doing so was a journalism failure by two papers who did most everything else right this season.

On the plus side, I am now very excited about the possibility of this story being made into a Frost/Nixon-type KTVB movie.

News gaffe of the year (political version)

The Justin Wilcox story

When news of Wilcox-to-Tennessee broke, it was Channel 2 newsman J Bates doing the breaking. Too bad no one bothered to credit their sources.

Bates broke down the political mess that is breaking news, and the tale was equal parts fascinating and disappointing. I think I'll stick to only breaking stories of players' Twitter updates. I won't get my feelings hurt that way.

Best Dustin Lapray word Picasso

"Pursuit" - December 29, 2009

Drink it in, everybody.

To play in a game, the team must show up. To cover the big pretty thing, the press must too. Hence, I sit in Salt Lake City, waiting for a connection, admiring the soft-dropping snow. I am wearing a really old, tattered hat that can barely boast its original orange. Still, strangers stop me in line at Starbucks and ask me when we play, as if my hulk still could keep outside contain.

That's what happens when you carry old football muscle and still retain slight shimmers of the youth that once bristled in my skin. People ass(u)me. But no, I am not a player, just a stage hand taking notes and writing reviews.
I am trying to cope with the difference in intensity this second time around.

I have that, "I've been here before" mentality Coach Petersen was talking about yesterday. I know the schedule. I know the routine. But this time around I am on my own, not in league with The Arbiter staff (although I will be podcasting again, much to my delight). I must be a grown-up here, now and take care of my own. I am really gracious to all who follow along.

Worst piece of journalism maybe ever

Gregg Doyel's piece on the aftermath of the LeGarrette Blount punch

Doyel took the extremely low road in chastising Coach Pete and the Bronco organization for the treatment of Byron Hout after Hout was punched in the face following the win over Oregon. Fortunately, Mr. Fiskers avenged us.

Your turn

Got a favorite media moment from 2009? What Bronco websites do you frequent? Impressed by the Statesman's coverage of Boise State football last season? Share your thoughts in the comments.