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Kellen Moore wins WAC Co-Offensive Player of the Year, 11 Broncos on All-WAC first team

The WAC awards are here. And with them, indecision!

Faced with choosing between Kellen Moore and Colin Kaepernick for Offensive Player of the Year, the WAC went with c) all of the above. Moore and Kaepernick split the award, and it was the only main award that the Broncos received. Fortunately, half of the All-WAC first team is Broncos. That's better.

After the jump, get the full list of winners and the compete first- and second-teams. Find out who got snubbed, who got praised, and weigh in with your thoughts on the whole thing.

WAC top individual awards

  • Offensive Player of the Year: Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State, and Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Chris Carter, DE, Fresno State
  • Freshman of the Year: Keith Smith, LB, San Jose State
  • Coach of the Year: Chris Ault, Nevada

First-team All-WAC


  • WR-Austin Pettis, Boise State, 6-3, 197, Sr.
  • WR-Titus Young, Boise State, 5-11, 168, Sr.
  • WR-Greg Salas, Hawai‘i, 6-2, 200, Sr.
  • TE-Virgil Green, Nevada, 6-5, 240, Sr.
  • OL-Thomas Byrd, Boise State, 5-11, 279, Jr.
  • OL-Nate Potter, Boise State, 6-6, 297, Jr.
  • OL-Kenny Wiggins, Fresno State, 6-7, 310, Sr.
  • OL-Rob McGill, Louisiana Tech, 6-6, 310, Sr.
  • OL-John Bender, Nevada, 6-8, 325, Sr.
  • QB-Kellen Moore, Boise State, 6-0, 186, Jr.
  • QB-Colin Kaepernick, Nevada, 6-6, 215, Sr.
  • RB-Doug Martin, Boise State, 5-9, 212, Jr.
  • RB-Vai Taua, Nevada, 5-10, 220, Sr.


  • DL-Shea McClellin, Boise State, 6-3, 258, Jr.
  • DL-Ryan Winterswyk, Boise State, 6-4, 267, Sr.
  • DL-Chris Carter, Fresno State, 6-2, 230, Sr.
  • DL-Logan Harrell, Fresno State, 6-2, 275, Jr.
  • DL-Dontay Moch, Nevada, 6-1, 245, Sr.
  • LB-Winston Venable, Boise State, 5-11, 218, Sr.
  • LB-Ben Jacobs, Fresno State, 6-3, 225, Sr.
  • LB-Corey Paredes, Hawai‘i, 5-11, 230, Jr.
  • LB-Bobby Wagner, Utah State, 6-1, 230, Jr.
  • DB-George Iloka, Boise State, 6-3, 207, Jr.
  • DB-Jeron Johnson, Boise State, 5-11, 195, Sr.
  • DB-Mana Silva, Hawai‘i, 6-1, 220, Sr.
  • DB-Davon House, New Mexico State, 6-0, 178, Sr.


  • PK-Kevin Goessling, Fresno State, 6-0, 195, Jr.
  • P-Bobby Cowan, Idaho, 6-5, 220, So.
  • ST-Phillip Livas, Louisiana Tech, 5-8, 175, Sr.

Second-team All-WAC


  • WR-Jamel Hamler, Jr., Fresno State
  • WR-Kealoha Pilares, Sr., Hawai‘i
  • WR-Eric Greenwood, Sr., Idaho
  • WR-Rishard Matthews, Jr., Nevada
  • TE-Daniel Hardy, Sr., Idaho
  • OL-Bryce Harris, Jr., Fresno State
  • OL-Lupepa Letuli, Sr., Hawai‘i
  • OL-Adrian Thomas, Sr., Hawai‘i
  • OL-Chris Barker, So., Nevada
  • OL-Ailao Eliapo, Sr., San Jose State
  • QB-Bryant Moniz, Jr., Hawai‘i
  • RB-Alex Green, Sr., Hawai‘i
  • RB-Lennon Creer, Jr., Louisiana Tech


  • DL-Billy Winn, Jr., Boise State
  • DL-Kaniela Tuipulotu, Jr., Hawai‘i
  • DL-Aaron Lavarias, Sr., Idaho
  • DL-Matt Broha, Jr., Louisiana Tech
  • LB-Byron Hout, Jr., Boise State
  • LB-Travis Brown, So., Fresno State
  • LB-Adrien Cole, Jr., Louisiana Tech
  • LB-James-Michael Johnson, Jr., Nevada
  • LB-Keith Smith, Fr., San Jose State
  • DB-Brandyn Thompson, Sr., Boise State
  • DB-Desia Dunn, Sr., Fresno State
  • DB-Shiloh Keo, Sr., Idaho
  • DB-Isaiah Frey, Jr., Nevada
  • DB-Curtis Marsh, Sr., Utah State


  • PK-Scott Enos, Sr., Hawai‘i
  • P-Harrison Waid, Fr., San Jose State
  • ST-Taveon Rogers, Jr., New Mexico State

Snubbed much? The top Boise State players with a bundle of gripes

Honestly, there isn't too much to gripe about when it comes to Bronco players on the WAC's first team. I mean, look at that offense. It's practically the Broncos' depth chart.

Still, if there were some snubbery, this is where it would be:

  • Billy Winn should have been on the first team. Here's my problem with the WAC's first-team defensive line: There is only one defensive tackle on it. The rest are ends. Billy Winn had a monster season, and every single WAC coach and WAC administrator knows it. There don't need to be four defensive ends on the first team. Billy Winn needs to be on the first team.
  • Will Lawrence should have been honored. Lawrence had a great season, and he has had a string of them the past couple years. It would have been nice for the WAC to honor him with at least a second-team All-WAC choice.
  • No Aaron Tevis? No Chase Baker? No J.C. Percy? No Chris Potter? No Kyle Brotzman? You could make the case for some of these players, and I would listen. I might not agree, but I would listen.

Dontay Moch was robbed, says a Boise State fan

I should probably be spending my time making the case for Boise State DE Shea McClellin to have been the WAC's DPOY. But I'm not.

Dontay Moch should have been the WAC's DPOY.

It certainly shouldn't have been Carter over Moch because if you were going to give the award to anyone other than the Nevada DE you should have given it to someone on the league's top defense. Like Shea McClellin (OK, so maybe I am making somewhat of a case for him).

But the fact of the matter is that Moch is a better player on a better team with a better record and a better performance when it mattered. Say better again. Better! Carter was invisible against the Broncos in a game his team lost by 51. Moch was a force against the Broncos in a game his team actually won.

Poorly done, WAC. As sad as I am about Kellen Moore splitting an award with Colin Kaepernick, I am equally as confused as to why you chose Carter over Moch.

The WAC's first team has two quarterbacks on it. I'm no rule guru, but I think that's cheating!

Good grief, can these people not make up their mind about anything? In addition to splitting the OPOY award, the conference also split its first-team All-WAC quarterback honor, going halvsies again with Moore and Kaepernick. Why not just throw Bryant Moniz in there at this point?

Seriously, Co-Offensive Players of the Year?


Boise State gets its first All-WAC first-team linebacker since Korey Hall

Kind of.

If you consider Winston Venable to be a linebacker.

Which the WAC does, apparently.

The WAC gets it right on Thomas Byrd, Bronco receivers, Doug Martin, and more

Honestly, I was a little surprised with how many Boise State players made their way onto the WAC's first-team, especially on offense. But really, it makes sense. This Boise State team was head-and-shoulders above most of the conference. It's just rare that a conference actually admits that.

For the record, I thought it was very appropriate for Thomas Byrd to get recognized. He had a great season and was key to the improvement of Boise State's offensive line. Also, fitting both Titus Young and Austin Pettis onto the first-team was commendable, especially when you had the Hawaii pass-catching duo of Salas and Pilares to contend with. Doug Martin deserved his first-team honor, as did Jeron Johnson. Kudos to the WAC for picking some of its players based on skill rather than numbers (numbers that are smaller thanks to less playing time).


I was surprised to see Ryan Winterswyk and George Iloka on the first team. Are they two of the conference's best defenders? You bet. Did I think the WAC realized this? Nope.

Your turn

What results stood out to you? Are you okay with a split OPOY award? Who got snubbed? Who surprised? Share your thoughts in the comments.