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Broncos send seniors out in style, sail past Utah State, 50-14

The Broncos ended the regular season - and their WAC tenure - in style with a big win over Utah State, breezing past the Aggies 50-14. Now tell us where we're going bowling!

After the jump, I offer my recap of the game and open it up for your comments. Go Broncos! Yay for no more WAC!

Top Five plays

  1. Derrell Acrey 30-yard INT return TD. Diondre Borel made it pretty easy for Acrey, but the senior still had to read it, catch it, and take it to the house. Coming on the first play of the game made it special, but so too did the awesome end zone celebration. Did I see a helmet-less Will Lawrence down there? I know I saw Acrey hug his mom and give the ball to a relative. I have never wanted to be related to a person so bad (since Kellen Moore, at least).
  2. Kellen Moore TD to Austin Pettis. The fade is back. Long live the fade.
  3. Kellen Moore 12-yard run on 3rd and 10. Moore picked up a key first down with a Cam Newton-esque scramble past a Utah State defender and down the sideline. His pump fake was cheeky, but it didn't really fool the defender. Moore just blew by him. Relatively speaking, I guess, but still.
  4. Kellen Moore TD to Kyle Efaw. Which one? Well, it really could be either. Both plays were sharp - one a wide open seam route and the other a wide open play-action pass. The play-action was my favorite of the two, but then again, I'm a sucker for making WAC teams look bad.
  5. Aaron Tevis' sack of Diondre Borel. I know. It didn't count. But I like to think that the officials blew their whistles real softly because they knew Tevis was going to blow up Borel and that would be so awesome to see.

It was over when ...

Utah State RB Robert Marshall couldn't corral a Diondre Borel pass on 3rd down just before the half. Boise State scored to take a three-touchdown lead, and the Aggies had a chance to answer just before the half. Marshall had room to run, likely into field goal range, but his drop ended the drive and left all the momentum with Boise State going into the lockerroom.

Game recap

How does the Boise State football team respond to a loss? Pretty well, thanks for asking.

The Broncos showed no hangover from their first regular season defeat in three years, rolling past Utah State 50-14. Sparked by Derrell Acrey's 30-yard INT return TD on the game's first play, the Broncos never trailed and never looked back.

Kellen Moore threw three TDs and sneaked for another during his typical three quarters of work, and Kyle Efaw led the team in receiving with five catches and two scores. The Broncos mixed in some no huddle, wildcat, and more, seeming to refine its game prior to bowl season.

And where will that bowl be? Well, Nevada beat Louisiana Tech, so that helps keep BSU's Vegas Bowl hopes alive. Now it's just a waiting game. Bowl invites should be finalized tomorrow.



Kellen Moore: 24-for-34, 237 yards, 3 TDs


Doug Martin: 8 carries, 23 yards
Jeremy Avery: 10 carries, 71 yards, TD


Titus Young: 4 catches, 34 yards
Austin Pettis: 4 catches, 51 yards, TD
Kyle Efaw: 5 catches, 76 yards, 2 TDs

Knee-jerk reactions

Really great to hear Kyle Brotzman got a loud ovation from the Bronco crowd prior to the game ... For those who were there, who got the loudest one? ... Congratulations! WAC champions! At least, that's how I'm remembering it ... I half expected Utah State to say "Oh wait, re-do, we weren't ready yet" on that Derrell Acrey pick-six because that thing was regrettable ... Despite just having lost by 36 points, Utah State looks to be going in the right direction ... Tyrone Crawford made his case for replacing Ryan Winterswyk next fall ... I can't believe I just said "fall" /anxiety attack ...

It took me about a month-and-a-half to conclude this, but Austin Pettis not healthy ... What was that helmet sticker everyone was wearing? A tribute to the Golden Gate Bridge? ... Yes, that was really the WSN announcing team in utter shock that Kellen Moore wasn't running the two-minute offense with 12 seconds left in the first half ... Utah State pass offense: 4-for-16, 41 yards, 2 INTs ... Man, Boise State could roll out of bed and go 6-2 in the WAC; hardly felt like they had to try today ...

I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but does it seem like something is up with the O-line's run blocking? ... WSN commentator Joe Glenn is giving Dick Tomey a run for his money in the senility department ... Bobby Wagner does not look like he belongs on that Utah State defense ... Kyle Efaw = invisibility cloak ... Boise State never lost a WAC game at home, which kind of blows my mind ...