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Bowl Pick 'Em update: Hawaii owes all but seven of us some confidence points

Congratulations to the many Pick 'Em entries (not mine) that have successfully picked the right teams (not Hawaii) and assigned the right confidence points (not 18 to Toledo) to survive the first week-and-a-half of bowl season.

Behold, your Top Ten Pick 'Em entries just past the quarter pole of 2010's bowl sched:

1 DRD Bizarro picks, D. Dow 214
2 robg913, r. gluck 205
3 bsualum2008, Z. Ballard 188
4 ToneBoneBoise 1, T. Zaccheo 186
4 More Prizes Plz!, M. Ewing 186
6 The Superfluous Picks , M ikrino 181
7 uecker37 1, e. uhlenhoff 180
8 WAC in the rear view, k. garden 173
8 socalbsufan , J. Steen 173
10 I read, but dont post, M. Tieman 170

Standings updated 12/28 a.m.

After the jump, some choice words for Hawaii and Cousin Karma tells the last place entry what's what.

Hawaii's bowl season, captured in a cat picture


The Hawaii Warriors, fresh off a WAC championship and one of their better seasons in school history, lost by 27 points to Tulsa in the Hawaii Bowl. This came as quite bad news to pretty much everyone with an entry in OBNUG's Bowl Pick 'Em.

Out of the 170 registered Pick 'Em entries, seven picked Tulsa to win.

Were you one of the prescient ones? And if so, can I speak to you about a pressing NFL playoff odds matter?

If you were to do the math, which I have no interest in doing, the total confidence points lost with Hawaii's loss easily added into the thousands, making the Warriors the Fresno State of the 2010 bowl season. Better luck next year, Pat Hill. The New Mexico Bowl looks forward to your inadequacy.

The most karmic bottom Pick 'Em entry ever

There was only one entry bold (irrational?) enough to pick Utah to win the Vegas Bowl over Boise State. And I am happy to report that the offending entry is ranked dead last in OBNUG Pick 'Em.

prestonthomson1 put two confidence points in Utah winning when pretty much everyone else put 34 or 35 with the Broncos. Ipso facto, last place - and by a healthy 12-point margin.

The second-to-last entry, govikesgo7723, is the only entry to pick just one correct winner so far. His choice: Boise State over Utah with all 35 confidence points. Go big or go home, govikesgo7723.

Make your move

The OBNUG Pick 'Em Group is still anyone's to win, and a lot of the winning will most likely be determined in the next five days as 19 bowl games take place. Less than 100 points separate first place from 75th place, and a lot of catching up can be done before bowl season hits its twilight.

Come on, Oklahoma State over Arizona. I have never needed a meaningless game so bad in my life!