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Senior Day Tribute: #83 Sean King

OBNUG is honoring each Boise State senior this week with a favorite memory. Got one to share? Sign up.

My favorite Sean King memory hasn't happened yet.

You see, on Saturday against Utah State, Sean King is going to score his first touchdown as a Boise State Bronco, and it is going to bring the house down. Provided people know who Sean King is. The play: An ode to the fumblerooski pass at Oregon in 2008 when Kellen Moore faked a fumble, rose up, and hit Kyle Efaw for a big gainer. King will be wide open behind the Utah State defense who will a) not account for Sean King to begin with and b) find themselves so perplexed by the fumble fake that they won't know what hit them.

Congratulations, Sean King. For your unsung hard work in the Boise State program, you deserve a career game on Saturday. And thank you for letting me ride along to the future to see how it all goes down.