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Crisis averted: Muschamp to Florida, Coach Pete lives to fight another rumor

Will he or won't he?

That seems to be the question every year around this time for Coach Pete when it comes to high-profile job openings. This weekend, he didn't, as Texas DC took the Florida job despite Pete-to-Florida rumors from everyone with a source.

But all this rumor-mongering raises the question: Where do you stand on Coach Pete rumors? I see Bronco Nation falling into two separate categories and each with its own very opposite view of things. I'll explain after the jump. Let me know where you stand in the comments and in the poll.

First things first, Coach Pete is not in Florida and that makes me very happy

If you were around on Friday, no doubt you heard the rumors that Coach Pete was talking to Florida, interviewing with Florida, going steady with Florida, whatever. Everyone who thought they knew what was going on vowed that the job was Coach Pete's to lose. Florida's list of candidates was down to Bob Stoops and Coach Pete, and Bob Stoops is pretty fond of underachieving and winning Big XII titles every other year.

Well, things didn't happen the way people thought. Surprisingly, Muschamp took the job, and he was on no one's radar when all this started. It just goes to show that coaching rumors, however fun and/or terrifying they can be, are flat out wrong half the time. Thankfully, this was one of those times. Never trust a Bleacher Report writer!

Rumors, what's up with that?

Even though Coach Pete didn't end up going, I did end up anxiously pacing and emotionally eating all day Friday. What can I say? I'm pretty nerve-y.

Also, I'm one of those fans that think Coach Pete is going to go to a bigger job at some point, so rumors like these get me thinking. Does that not sound like you? Then you must fall on the other side of the fence. Here's how I see Bronco fans thinking about the subject of Coach Pete-to-wherever:

  • He's never going anywhere. He's the Joe Paterno of Boise State football! He loves it here, he gets paid more than he could ever need, the cost of living is low, the quality of life in Boise is great, there are multiple Dairy Queens here that make Blizzards to order, Boise State is a national championship contender, the university is planning to build a palace of a football stadium, OBNUG. I mean, what more could a guy want?
  • He's going somewhere eventually. He's like Dan Hawkins except wiser! He will get offered a dream job with dream pay and an opportunity to accomplish things that he could never do at Boise State. He's an Urban Meyer in waiting. He's too good to stay at Boise forever.

I am in the latter camp, which is why Florida rumors got me thinking. If Coach Pete was ever going to take a job elsewhere, that would have been a great one to choose. Certainly better than Minnesota.

Where do you stand on Coach Pete coaching rumors?

And let's not talk about coordinators leaving. I am not emotionally prepared for that.