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Final pregame thoughts on Boise State vs. Hawaii

Worried about the Hawaii game? You're not alone. Frustrated with Boise State's lot in life this week? Yeah, me too. Need to vent? We're like peas in a pod, you and me.

I get my venting out after the jump, and you're encouraged to share your thoughts in the comments. From the longest 10 days of the season to some old Hawaii poetry to color schemes to comments, it's all there. Let me know how you're feeling as gameday approaches. And go Broncos!

Is it Saturday yet?

What a long week.

Boise State falls behind TCU in the BCS, they get raked over the coals by their own fans and media for winning by 29 points, Tommy Gallarda is out for the year, Fresno and Nevada are on the 2011 schedule, and Brian Murphy is writing columns about the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

I wish I could just take a nap and make it all go away. 


Justin Corr, wake up! Mark Johnson is about to draw a mustache on you.

Bronco nation is in a bad place.

I need to live vicariously through a Boise State blowout of Hawaii tomorrow afternoon. 

Saturday means football (except when Tuesday means football) and football means relief (unless someone mentions style points or winning pretty in which case so help me). The closer we get to game day, the better I feel. Mikrino helped with a FanPost about how Boise State will cruise. OBNUGgers are helping with score predictions that tilt heavily toward complete and utter UH destruction.

Come Saturday afternoon, I think we'll all feel much better.

Until Sunday at 6:15 p.m. MT or so.

In honor of my distaste for Hawaii, poetry

Back in 2008, I wrote a poem for the Boise State - Hawaii game, titled "Why I hate Hawaii." Happy two year anniversary, that poem. Here are some snippets.

I hate Hawaii for so many reasons,
in so many ways and in so many seasons.

I hate them in springtime, I hate them in summer.
Losing the WAC to them sure was a bummer.

I hate them in autumn; they think they're the balls.
I hate them in winter; they stick in my craws ...

Wearing leis is for sissies or grown men named June.
The run 'n shoot offense could be run by a baboon ...

Remember the Sugar Bowl? What a disaster.
Could they have thrown away non-BCS credibility any faster?

I hate how the Warriors think Brennan's a god.
He's a younger, more mobile version of "Johnson, Rob."

In conclusion, I can't stand one thing about Hawaii.
As such, I can't wait til we beat them on Friday.

Change "Friday" to "Saturday," and we're good.

BroncoSports declares The Blue Wave to be the color scheme for Saturday's game

Get it? Because Boise State's playing Hawaii and Hawaii has, like, oceans and stuff?


No fair! The fans blend into the turf! (via

Ryan Winterswyk is holding a grudge, hide the women and children and Hawaii quarterbacks

I feel good about this game because there is palpable distaste and motivation with the Bronco players when it comes to Hawaii. Case in point, Ryan Winterswyk. He and many other seniors played in the loss to Hawaii back in 2007.

"I still have that bad feeling in my stomach," defensive end Ryan Winterswyk said.

Me, too!

Allow me to bogart some reader comments

Hooray! The return of Bronco chips. Between dropping in the polls to everyone and their mother (seriously, I heard some guy's mother) praising Hawaii, I'd be mad too if I were on the Boise State football team. From Broncochick:

I think the chips on the players' shoulders have grown this past week

From munson:

So far, it doesn’t seem like momentum swings bother the Broncos all that much. They dont’ rattle; probably experience. VT was great example-when the final "call" was made, Broncos got stop, got ball, and scored.

So try to keep that old guy next to you from freaking out if it's 14-7 Hawaii early in the first quarter.

From Broncograd96:

Hawaii has not won a big road game all year. Fresno is not as good this year as they have been. They beat Nevada and La. Tec h at home, and I am sure they wanted to get to the beach more then win the game. I think it may be close at first but will not last. Remember how bad we were going to get beat when Hawaii came to town with Timmy Chang?

It was 69-3, Broncos. In other words, we may be falling victim to semi-annual Hawaii exaggeration. 

From broncsfan4life:

I like BSU to pull away late in the 3rd with the balanced pass and run attack.
Then its MARTIN time to clean up and keep Hawaii’s Offense off the field

This made me think: Does Hawaii have the running game to close out a game late? They had trouble doing so against Nevada.

From Bluesport:

Can Venable or hunter white cover a slot receiver? What happens if Salas lines up on the inside slot next to Venable?

What happens, indeed. Do not expect ESPN play-by-player Pam Ward to tell you.

From ninjamonkey1:

As frustrating as it is to not know what injuries we're facing...It’s got to be worse for opposing coaches. They don’t know who they have to prepare for, so they have to be worried at the plethora of players that we could throw at them at any position

I still want to know who the injured Broncos are, but now I see that I'm just being selfish.

Your turn

Ready for Saturday to get here? How are you feeling about tomorrow's big game? Share your thoughts int he comments.