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10 reasons (and more) to give thanks for Boise State football


Happy Thanksgiving, OBNUGgers.

Bronco Nation has much to be thankful for this season with a Top Five football team, a Heisman candidate quarterback, and one of the best coaches in the country. Other teams would kill for this or, rather, pay thousands and millions of dollars for this (see Auburn and Oregon).

I could name a million reasons why I'm thankful for Boise State football. But I'll start with just ten. Read my list after the jump, and add your Bronco thanks in the comments.

Boise State thanksgiving

Time to give thanks for some of my favorite parts about being a Bronco fan.

  1. Boise State games on ESPN pretty much all the time. How great is that?
  2. ESPN College Gameday in Boise.
  3. Doug Martin.
  4. Twelve wins in a row against Idaho.
  5. A Heisman Trophy candidate, potential All-Americans, and the best coach in college football.
  6. Kellen Moore to Titus Young.
  7. Having Georgia, Ole Miss, and Michigan State on the future schedule.
  8. More Broncos in the NFL than ever before - and really good ones at that.
  9. Defense.
  10. Hanging out here on OBNUG with the best Bronco fans anywhere. 

Your turn

What are you thankful for? Take your turn in the comments and have a happy Thanksgiving.