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The Nevada Wolf Pack anagram roster

If you enjoy the awkward player profile pictures as much as you enjoy the anagrams, then you are in for a treat with Nevada's anagram roster. For the second straight year, we are blessed profile pictures by Deb and the unintentional comedy that comes with them.

Nevada week begins now. Time to get your Yeah Svelte on.

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

Nevada had the privilege (?) of getting the anagram treatment last year. Here are some favorite holdovers still on the team.

Steve Haley Yeah, Svelte

Tray Session Ornate Sissy

Virgil Green Leggin' River

Doyle Miller Elderly Limo

Ryan Coulson Uncool Yarns

Mike Ball Mall Bike

Thaddeus Brown Death Rubdowns

Kevin Grimes Mere Vikings

Nick Rhodes Dork Niches

Kaelin Burnett Anklet Tribune

Mike Andrews Kid Menswear

And here is this year's new batch ...

Kolby Arendse Lanky Bedsore

Ricky Drake Yard Kicker

Sam Foster Fears Most

Isaiah Frey Hay Fairies

Nick Hale Ankle Chi

Thai Ivery Hey Trivia

Colin Kaepernick Lo! Panickier Neck

Brad Langley Band Allergy

Adam Liranzo A Lizard Moan

Mason Magleby Balmy Mangoes

Jordan Mudge Majored Dung

Kyle Papendorf Flapper Donkey

Moe Patterson Tampon Stereo

Jack Reynoso Arson Jockey

Brett Roy Berry Tot

Steve Werner Tween Server

Khalid Wooten Hawked Lotion