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Boise State shuts out Fresno State 51-0

It started out slow for the offense tonight. The same can't be said for the defense who dominated from the get go.

After jump, leave your comments on the game including the new orange unis. I'll have a recap in a bit.

Kellen Moore attempts to even the playing field

Kellen Moore came out in the first drive and did the unthinkable -- he threw a pick. The following drive he fumbled while bringing the ball back to throw. He then proceeded to throw for 333 yards and 4 TD's.

His early troubles had me worried, but he soon made the necessary adjustments and threw some beautiful deep balls to Titus Young. How good are they getting at this? The first one was under thrown but still drew a penalty flag. The second one was a great throw over Titus' outside shoulder away from the defender. The third one was a great pass in stride for a TD. And to finish up the night, Kellen threw another TD to Young on a hot route in the face of a blitz.

Oh yeah, Kellen also managed to find Pettis for 10 receptions and 2 TD's.

Defense makes a statement

While the offense sputtered out of the gate, the defense had no such problems. The defensive line dominated from the outset and made life difficult for Colburn. I think he tried about 4 impromptu shovel passes in the face of a rush. During the 3rd quarter, Stewart Mandel tweeted this about the D line:

The Boise D-line is just absurd. Putting on a clinic. Best in the country hands down.

As you can imagine, this was greeted by many SEC fans denouncing Boise State's schedule. Please don't ever change, SEC fan.

The secondary wasn't too shabby either picking off 2 passes and holding Colburn to 76 yards passing on the night.

Overall, Fresno State had less than 100 yards total yards throughout the game until the final drive.

Other thoughts

The orange uniforms grew on me throughout the night. Not for every game, but I like them as a change of pace....The Fresno State defense played well despite the final score. They seemed to stick to their assignments and not over pursue...That Kellen Moore fumble should have been returned for the TD there. Fresno got the shaft on that play....Did I miss something in the Storm The Dorm segment or was it just about sign making?....So happy to see a brief shot of fellow OBNUGger and Muscle Hamster mascot dirtybroncobird

Your turn

Vote for your pick for player(s) of the game. What were your thoughts on the game? Should Boise State pull out the orange unis for their bowl game?