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Final pregame thoughts on Boise State vs. Idaho

I hate the Vandals so much right now!

The rivalry game is only hours away, and it can't get here fast enough. Join me after the jump for some pregame thoughts, and feel free to share your feelings in the comments. Will Coach Pete run up the score? Are you afraid of the Idaho passing game? Guess who's back for the broadcast? This and more after the jump.

Come later for the gamethread. Go Broncos!

Does Coach Pete hate the Idaho Vandals as much as you do?

I hope we find out.

If you or I were Coach Pete, we would never stop scoring touchdowns in tonight's game. Doug Martin would play through the fourth quarter and finish with 50 carries. Kellen Moore would be running the no-huddle with a 70-point lead. Brad Elkin would burn his redshirt just to stick it to the Vandals with a textbook onside kick that you and I have had Elkin perfecting all season long just for this moment. Final score: 100-0. Or worse.

Truth is that Coach Pete does not like the Vandals nearly as much as he likes every other school. They always bring out the worst in him, which typically just means a slight dig here and a passive-aggressive decision there.

Whether Coach Pete breaks his career-long tradition of pulling starters when the game's out of hand remains to be seen. But I really hope we get to see it.

True story ...

We post a lot of pictures here on OBNUG, and rarely if ever does anyone raise a fuss if we fail to cite appropriately. Unless that person is a Vandal.

During our summer opponent preview series, we included a picture of Shiloh Keo on the Vandal preview to highlight a paragraph or two about Keo's strengths as a football player. Our bad, apparently! The owner of the photograph - a Vandal - took offense that we would post his photography on our site without express written consent from the him.

His ensuing rage included a hasty email sent directly to our superiors (never anything to me, Drew, or Nick), a demand for immediate removal of the picture, and the threat of an invoice that must be paid as soon as possible. Man knows no justice as swift as that of a scorned Vandal photographer.

The thing is, the picture had the photographer's copyright seal right on it. The photo was credited to the man plus a link to where we found it. It was dumped into a post that was saying great things about its subject.

And then there's this: No one in the history of online journalism has ever made such a big stink about photos.

The guy may have been correct on a technicality, and while most people would approach the subject with human decency, this guy didn't. Which I guess isn't much of a surprise coming from a Vandal.

Idaho has the nation's No. 4 passing attack, and this concerns me how?

Remember the murderer's row of high-flying passing games that was supposed to give the Broncos trouble?

Remember how Boise State now has a murderer's row murderer in the form of its passing D?

Yeah, seeing that the Vandals are No. 4 in the country with passing the ball just doesn't strike the fear of God into me anymore. Robb Akey in jorts, now that would bring the fear of God (and maybe the wrath of God). But after watching the Broncos completely dismantle Hawaii's No. 1 passing attack, I am not worried. I have what they call selective memory, and all I can remember is Shea McClellin eating Bryant Moniz's lunch.

In reality, the Vandals had to get that No. 4 ranking somehow. Well, there's this:

  • They've played a lot of bad pass defenses.
  • They are No. 116 running the ball.
  • They pass a lot in late-game blowouts.

Boise State may give up more yards than they did against Hawaii (how can you not?), but I'm not going to stay awake at night worrying about it.

Welcome back, Rod Gilmore and Joe Tessitore

It's Friday night and that can mean only one thing: Rod Gilmore and Joe Tessitore would like to say what up.


Tessitore (play-by-play) and Gilmore (color commentary) are on the call for tonight's game and likely the rest of Boise State's Friday schedule, so get ready for some Storm the Dorm, fantasy football picks, and lots of close talking. It's been too long, fellas. Welcome back.

Go Broncos, beat Idaho

I hate the Vandals 365 days of the year, and 7 of those days I hate them a little extra. I won't get an Idaho week next year, or the year after, and maybe not for awhile after that, so I have a lot of angst riding on this one.

Do me proud, Broncos. Get the streak to twelve, give Boise State bragging rights for however long it takes to get this series back (and believe you me, I want it back), and absolutely destroy these guys.

Your turn

Think Coach Pete hates the Vandals enough to run up the score? How hard has it been getting through this week? This day? Share your thoughts in the comments.