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OBNUG Pick 'Em: Week Six Games and Week Five Winners

For those of you participating in OBNUG's pick 'em contest this year, you know that we've been using Well, if you've logged in today, you probably noticed that the standings are unavailable for the group.

It turns out that I made an egregious error and didn't fully investigate the website and only found out a few weeks ago that they do indeed charge for the site and our trial period is over now. 

The Plan

Since we no longer have the site that does all the wonderful tabulating, we are going to resort to Google Docs to come to our rescue. I have created a form for you to easily enter your picks. You can find it here:

OBNUG Pick 'Em on Google Docs

Please enter the username you used previously so that I can track the previous standings with future weeks.

Join me after the jump for last week's winners and this week's games.

Week 5 Winners

We had a clear winner this week without having to use the pesky tiebreaker. Going 8-1 was TOOMUCHYOUNG. Congrats, sir. But I must disagree with your username. 

Week 6 Games

No Idaho game!

#17 Michigan St. (5-0) at #18 MICHIGAN (5-0) -4.5

Pick: Michigan

I'm leaning towards Denard Robinson's legs over the emotional lift of Michigan State's coach returning.

#1 Alabama (5-0) at #19 SOUTH CAROLINA (3-1) +6.5  

Pick: South Carolina

I just feel like the ole ball coach can keep it close

Wyoming (2-3) at #5 TCU (5-0) -34.5

Pick: TCU

I don't think TCU is better than Boise State, but I do think they're 35 points better than Wyoming

Utah St. (2-3) at LOUISIANA TECH (1-4) -0.5  

Pick: Utah State

Did Utah State look really good last week or is BYU just that bad?

#10 Utah (4-0) at IOWA ST. (3-2) +6.5  

Pick: Utah

Utah is unproven, but Iowa State hasn't shown much fight lately

#12 LSU (5-0) at #14 FLORIDA (4-1) -6.5

Pick: Florida

How many botched 2 minute drills does it take for Les Miles to get it right?

New Mexico (0-5) at NEW MEXICO ST. (0-4) -3.5

Pick: New Mexico State

What an ugly game.

Hawaii (3-2) at FRESNO ST. (3-1) -10.5  

Pick: Fresno State

I still have to lean towards Fresno on the mainland

San Jose St. (1-4) at #21 NEVADA (5-0) -39.5

Pick: Nevada

Nevada should cruise for a few weeks

Toledo (3-2) at #4 BOISE ST. (4-0) -38.5  

Pick: Boise State

As long as the defense is pitching shutouts and the 2nd string it hungry, 40 points is nothing