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Game balls for Boise State versus New Mexico State

Boise State beat New Mexico State, 59-0. Game balls for everyone?

Just about. After the jump, find out who gets the player of the game, the most surprising performance, and more. Plus, can I go an entire article without saying any bad things about the WAC TV broadcast? Probably not, but it's worth a read to find out. Join me after the jump, and share your thoughts in the comments.

Reader's choice award for player of the game

Kellen Moore

I didn't place a poll at the end of my game-wrap article partially out of neglect and partially out of the complete and total team annihilation that led to Boise State 59, New Mexico State 0. But don't think I don't know how you all would have voted. It would have been Kellen Moore with a bullet, thanks to his three touchdown tosses and mastery of all things quarterbacking.

What's that? It might have been Michael Atkinson? Oh, well maybe I should have put a poll in after all. (ed's note: There's now a poll.)

Gameball for most obvious sign that this game was going to be a blowout

Michael Coughlin 15-yard TD run

When Coughlin's going untouched on long TD runs, you're doing something wrong.

Defensive lineman of the week

Michael Atkinson

The Bacon was credited with a sack, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery in addition to finishing second on the team in tackles. And was anyone else absolutely certain he was going to get that goalline carry on what turned out to be Doug Martin's TD run? I might have fist pumped straight through the space-time continuum for that.

Most surprising performance

WAC officials

After the Oregon State officiating disaster, I expected nothing short of inanity. Way to exceed my expectations, WAC officials.

Least surprising performance

WAC television network

It has already been said in multiple places and in multiple ways around this site just how bad things were, so I don't really need to rub it in any further except for oh my goodness Dick Tomey talks a lot!

Jarvis Hodge play of the game

Jarvis Hodge's 54-yard TD run

Brian Murphy described Hodge's running style as "chugging," which is pretty much spot on. He is a minifridge with legs. Hodge broke a tackle at the line of scrimmage and then sped off toward the end zone, like a diesel truck getting onto a freeway on ramp. It was a sight to behold.

Also, Hodge is on pace for over 500 yards and nine touchdowns in WAC play.

Gameball for the only running back not to average 8.5 yards per carry

Matt Kaiserman

Runner-up: every New Mexico State running back

Doug Martin averaged 9.4 yards per carry, Jeremy Avery averaged 8.6, and Jarvis Hodge had 13.8. Even Michael Coughlin had 13 yards per carry, and he's Michael Coughlin. Looks like New Mexico State's gameplan to stop Matt Kaiserman worked to perfection.

Kellen Moore pass of the night

Long TD to Austin Pettis that didn't count

Kellen Moore lofted a beautiful deep ball to a streaking Pettis that hit the receiver in stride for a score. Except that Nate Potter had a fistful of facemask. Still, what a throw. I want that on my season-ending DVD. Make your own reality, BroncoSports.

Best Doug Martin run of the night

Martin's 36-yard first quarter carry

Here's how I imagine this play unfolding: Doug Martin takes a handoff right, steamrolls a blitzing linebacker, shoots lasers out of his knees to eviscerate the defensive line, then the entire New Mexico State bench empties onto the field to try to stop him, and a phoenix rises from midfield to carry Martin to the second level.

Reality: WAC TV's tween sideline reporter stammers her way through an Austin Pettis highlight, and all of a sudden we're back at live action and Doug Martin is getting tackled 30 yards downfield.

And in lieu of a replay, we go back to that Austin Pettis touchdown flip. That was some crazy stuff two weeks ago, wasn't it?

Worst reward for beating a team 59-0

Falling in the polls

For a glimpse of just how angry this makes Bronco fans, why don't you take a look at the comments in the poll FanShot that went up yesterday? I haven't seen 350 comments go up so fast on a Sunday since last year's BCS bowl pairing announcement.

Gameball for best glimpse of 2012

Joe Southwick

Boise State's offense is going to be all read option and 78-yard TD passes. I'm okay with this.

"Good try, AP" of the week

Lede paragraph in game recap


Kellen Moore doesn't make the schedule. He just plays it.

Give that man a Pulitzer! Not.

Technical awards

  • Best punter in a QB relief role: Tanner Rust. I don't know what was stranger: the fact that Rust was the team's punter or the fact that WAC TV named him the sub of the game for 3-for-8 passing and rushing 10 times for 25 yards.
  • Irony of the night: Jason Robinson guilty of a personal foul. That made me slightly uncomfortable.
  • Gandhi award for knee-taking: Coach Pete. Oh wait. Gandhi didn't take a knee. Never mind.

Your turn

Who do you think deserves a game ball for Saturday night's Bronco blowout? Was Kellen Moore your player of the game? Anything good to say about the WAC TV network? Share your thoughts in the comments.