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Boise State's 2011 football schedule needs two opponents. Any takers?

The WAC announced today that Nevada and Fresno State will have to wait another season before joining the Mountain West Conference. You go, Karl Benson! Win that battle, lose that war!

The pro-rated realignment exodus leaves the MWC with an eight-team conference for next year and leaves Boise State with some holes in its schedule. Here is what the Broncos have set in stone:

  • Non-conference games: at Ole Miss, at Toledo, vs. Tulsa
  • Conference games: Air Force, Colorado State, New Mexico, San Diego State, TCU, UNLV, Wyoming

That's 10 games out of a possible 12. So where will Boise State and Gene Bleymaier turn for the other two?

It's anyone's guess at this point, and I'd say with the unpredictable nature of college football scheduling and easily -voided contracts that any team is fair game. What teams do you want to see on the schedule? Vote in the poll below and be more specific with your teams of choice in the comments.