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Three stars and one goat of Boise State's win over Louisiana Tech

The Broncos were at it again on Tuesday night, blowing out Louisiana Tech, 49-20. Though the Broncos won once again by a large margin, many fans and critics would agree that it may have been one of the most sloppy 29-point wins in recent memory. Sloppy or not, the stars were definitely out on Tuesday night. Join me now as I break down who were my stars, and we'll see if we can't find us a goat or two as well.

Naming three stars is a hockey tradition that Kevan asked me to bogart for Bronco games. More info here, if you're interested.

Last week I was Negative Nancy on the three stars post, comparing the second half of the Broncos game to other exciting things like arthritis and the WAC Sports Network. And by exciting I mean not at all. Well, apparently the football gods read OBNUG because Tuesday night's match-up was a bit more of a nail biter. Or was I just biting my nails because it was 37 degrees and raining? Well, both. Join me now as we break down the stars.

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Star No. 3: WR Tyler Shoemaker

Welcome to the party, Tyler! Making his debut this season in the three stars coverage is Old Faithful himself, Tyler Shoemaker. It was during the second quarter, when it seemed like our play was getting worse with every snap, that I knew 'Shoe' would be making an appearance on the three stars recap. Shoemaker stepped up big time when we needed him the most. He hauled in 6 receptions for 124 yards and one touchdown. It was down the stretch in the first half that Shoemaker became Kellen's possession receiver, hauling in clutch catch after clutch catch. He reminded me of a certain clutch receiver that used to play for the Broncos, Austin Pettis. Oh wait, he's still on the team. Coming up big when we need him the most has been a staple of Shoe's career, and thankfully we still have another year with him. Congratulations, Tyler Shoemaker, for being Star No. 3 of Boise State's win over Louisiana Tech.

Star No. 2: RB Doug Martin

Team Muscle Hamster had a career high 150 yards rushing on Tuesday night on 21 carries. Oh and by the way, he really does hate that name. Doug's Facebook status late last night read:

I can't stand the damn name!!! Can it stop!! Please!!!

No, Doug, it can't stop. Your anger for the name Muscle Hamster is the fuel that makes the Muscle Hamster run. Apparently even ESPN was on the Muscle Hamster train last night. Also, notice the lack of question marks after his "can it stop" line. This dude is mad. Doug Mad. Doug Smash. Smash equals 150 yards rushing for the Broncos. So keep it up, Bronco Nation.

And once again Doug showed the world why he is the heart of the running game in Boise, Idaho. Doug has almost eclipsed his total yards rushing for 2009 in seven games so far this season, and he has only played in three full games. Our hats are tipped to you, number 22, as Star No. 2 of Boise State's win over Louisiana Tech.

Star No. 1: QB Kellen Moore

You shaggy-haired, angel-hair-pasta-arms angel. You light up my life. Kellen threw an extremely uncharacteristic interception on Tuesday night. But who cares when he catches a touchdown pass and punts for 54 yards? Yeah, that's right. Kellen caught his first ever touchdown pass from about 15 yards out. Direct snap to Kellen, pitch to Avery, pitch to Pettis, pass to Moore, touchdown. And the pitter-patter of my heart was enough to burst through my chest. Kellen has also apparently put Brotzman out of a job, as he showed potential in his left leg, punting for 54 yards! Kellen played a close-to-complete game for the first time since Oregon State, but there was no noticeable rust from where I was sitting. Sure, there were mistakes, but all in all, Kellen led the troops to victory once again with 20-for-28 passing, 298 yards, and two touchdowns. With the highest passer rating in the country, Kellen put on a clinic Tuesday night of how to make big plays under pressure. Let us raise our glasses to our leader, and congratulate Kellen Moore as Star No.1 of Boise State's win over Louisiana Tech.



The Goat: Louisiana Tech P Ryan Allen

I might be grasping at straws here, but being at the game helped with this decision. This was the most embarrassing display of punting that I've seen in a long time. And it wasn't just LA Tech that sucked in the punting department, with the exception of Kellen's glorious kick, the Broncos didn't look so hot either. Did Kyle Brotzman being out really hurt us that bad? Does Trevor Harman actually practice punting? Anyways, as bad as we were, LA Tech was worse. I counted three awful punts, two of which flew like a poorly thrown frisbee out of bounds on the sidelines. It was actually kind of sad. Imagine having 32,000 people laughing at you and thousands more chuckling from their living rooms at home.

Your turn

Who were your stars, and who was your goat? Was the punting really that bad? Is anyone else afraid to call Doug Martin muscle hamster anymore? And did anyone see Crissie Fields roaming the sidelines, camera in hand, stealing pics of every unforgettable play? Sound off, OBNUGgers!