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Boise State beats Louisiana Tech 49-20, just another Tuesday night

It wasn't a pretty game, but Boise State racks up another win on its farewell tour of the WAC. Kellen Moore expanded his arsenal tonight scoring in two ways, Doug Martin showed us what he can do with a full game's work and the defense had three goal line stops to their credit.

What are your thoughts on the game? Was it enough? Leave your comments after the jump. Analysis to follow.

Top that, Cam Newton

Kellen did his best in the versatility department tonight. He had his typical 298 yard game with 2 TD's but also had a TD reception and managed to punt a great pooch punt. He even went so far to throw an interception tonight just to show off his tackling ability. Seriously, though, what was he doing in on that tackle? Does he realize what happens to Boise State if he goes down. I shuttered for a moment when I saw him getting up off the turf after that tackle.

There seemed to be an abnormal amount of drops and incompletions tonight, however, Kellen ended up 20 for 28 on the night. I can remember at least 2 balls to Pettis that he normally catches and I believe another to Shoemaker that was juggled. His final line wasn't eye popping, but he again has shown the consistency that has made him so good over the years.

Doug Martin is strong

Doug Martin finally got the chance to play a full game and didn't disappoint. He got stronger as the game went on punishing La Tech defenders en route to his career high 150 rushing yards. He can take the ball and carry a drive when needed. It feels good to know that we have Mr. Dependable back there ready to go.

Paging Mr. Brotzman

Special teams got off to a terrible start tonight with the botched field goal on the opening drive. Couple that with with the shank on Boise State's first punt of the game and you had to start asking yourself if Kyle Brotzman is the second most valuable player on this team? Hopefully whatever kept him out of tonight's game is not serious.

Chadd Cripe made a great point on Twitter after the muffed kickoff by Titus Young. It was a windy night tonight and Boise State should have been prepared for the short kickoff. Especially since it wasn't the first short kickoff of the night.

Other thoughts

  • ESPN guarantees HD coverage and better camera angles but not better announcers
  • What was Ian Johnson saying about how the BCS works out for Boise State? Oh wait, I think Kevan made it down the field to cut him off before he could finish.
  • Boise State scored 2 TD's on fumbles tonight. At least none of them were a botched snap.
  • What was Sonny Dykes so fired up about? I thought it was pretty clear La Tech was offsides on the onsides kick. Also didn't think the ball went 10 yards.
  • Secondary still makes me nervous. Hello Hawaii!
  • Loved the goal line stands. Hopefully that pays dividends in the future.
  • Haters gonna hate