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Comment thread: Week Eight college football

Boise State is on a bye, but don't let that stop you from blowing an entire day on college football. You know you want to!

Today's games of note are after the jump. Feel free to comment here throughout the day and night on the games you're watching and how they will impact the Broncos.

Spay and Neuter's Boise State-related games

Duke at Virginia Tech 10:00 a.m. ESPN-GP *2 / ACC Network (cable)
Michigan State at Northwestern 10:00 a.m. ESPN (HD)
Purdue at Ohio State 10:00 a.m. BTN (HD)
Ole Miss at Arkansas 10:21 a.m. SEC Network / ESPN-GP
Wyoming at BYU 12:00 p.m. MTN (HD)
LSU at Auburn 1:30 p.m. CBS (HD) /
Nebraska at Oklahoma State 1:30 p.m. ABC *1 / ESPN-GP *2
Wisconsin at Iowa 1:30 p.m. ABC *1 / ESPN (HD) *7
Hawaii at Utah State 3:00 p.m. ALT / ESPN-GP
Colorado State at Utah 4:00 p.m. MTN (HD)
Alabama at Tennessee 5:00 p.m. ESPN (HD)
South Carolina at Vanderbilt 5:00 p.m. FSS / SUN / ESPN-GP *2
Air Force at TCU 6:00 p.m. CBSC (HD)
Fresno State at San Jose State 6:00 p.m. ESPN-GP
Oklahoma at Missouri 6:00 p.m. ABC (HD)