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The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs anagram roster

Louisiana Tech is coming to town on Tuesday, so I should probably start previewing the Bulldogs at some point. Hey, why not today? I'm sure I can fit it in between marathon MS Paint sessions.

The Bulldogs have some of the best returning anagram starters in the country. So why are they only 3-4 on the season? Sonny Dykes is clearly doing something wrong. The highlights from LaTech's anagram roster are after the jump. Enjoy.

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

Louisiana Tech had the privilege (?) of getting the anagram treatment last year. Here are some favorite holdovers still on the team.

Mason Hitt Than Moist

Solomon Randle Normal Noodles

Tym Toussaint Mutiny Toasts

Colby Cameron Mealy Corncob

Myke Compton Poky Comment

Dusty Rust Stud Yurts

Christian Lacey Calisthenic Ray

And here is this year's new batch ...

Adrien Cole Alien Credo

Matthew Conger Warthog Cement

Tyrone Duplessis Lousy Presidents

Demarcion Evans Romanced Navies

Lyle Fitte Little Fey

David Gru Diva Drug

Andrew Guillot Godlier Walnut

Ray Holley Orally Hey

Shakiel Lucas Alas Suchlike

Giles Menard Danger Miles

Matt Nelson Lament Snot

Tracy Oakley Cake Royalty

Hayden Slack Hand Lackeys

Erick Thomas Atheism Rock

George Thomas Gasometer Hog

Chris Tusch Church Sits