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Boise State depth chart versus Louisiana Tech: Who has been Boise State's best corner?

Could Jamar Taylor's suspension have been a blessing in disguise? Is Ryan Winterswyk Sack Watch over and we never even noticed? What Bronco players are first-team All-WAC worthy at the halfway point in the season?

My answers to these questions are below, and I welcome your thoughts as well. The Bronco roster may be the same going into Tuesday's game against Louisiana Tech, but that doesn't mean there's not plenty to talk about. Let's discuss.


Boise State offense

Boise State defense

Z - 2 Austin Pettis 6-3 203 Sr.
82 Geraldo Hiwat 6-4 195 Fr.

X - 1 Titus Young 5-11 175 Sr.
18 Aaron Burks 6-2 187 Fr.

H - 89 Tyler Shoemaker 6-1 215 Jr.
3 Chris Potter 5-9 160 So.
29 Tyler Jackson 6-0 199 So.

LT - Nate Potter 6-6 300 Jr.
78 Charles Leno 6-3 272 Fr.

LG - Joe Kellogg 6-2 299 So.
55 Chuck Hayes 6-2 289 Jr.

C - 66 Thomas Byrd 5-11 281 Jr.
79 Bronson Durrant 6-3 264 So.

RG - 59 Will Lawrence 6-2 291 Sr.
61 Joe Kellogg 6-2 299 So.

RT - 72 Matt Slater 6-4 267 Sr.
64 Brenel Myers 6-2 272 So.

TE - 85 Tommy Gallarda 6-5 259 Sr.
80 Kyle Efaw 6-4 232 Jr.
88 Chandler Koch 6-2 238 So.
87 Gabe Linehan 6-3 233 Fr.

QB - 11 Kellen Moore 6-0 191 Jr.
7 Michael Coughlin 6-5 221 Sr.
or 15 Joe Southwick 6-1 195 Fr.

RB - 22 Doug Martin 5-9 212 Jr.
27 Jeremy Avery 5-9 174 Sr.
26 Matt Kaiserman 6-0 200 So.

FB - 47 Dan Paul 6-0 241 Jr.
42 Jake Hess 5-10 227 So.

E - 98 Ryan Winterswyk 6-4 270 Sr.

96 Jarrell Root 6-3 257 Jr.
or 40 Tyrone Crawford 6-4 275 Jr.

T - 90 Billy Winn 6-4 288 Jr.
43 Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe 6-3 292 Fr.

N - 97 Chase Baker 6-1 295 Jr.
50 J.P. Nisby 6-1 301 Jr.
91 Greg Grimes 6-0 271 So.

SE - 92 Shea McClellin 6-3 254 Jr.
96 Jarrell Root 6-3 257 Jr.
or 41 Kharyee Marshall 6-1 212 Fr.

MIKE- 94 Byron Hout 6-0 223 Jr.
52 Derrell Acrey 6-1 238 Sr.
33 Tommy Smith 6-1 228 So.

WILL- 36 Aaron Tevis 6-3 232 Jr.
or J.C. Percy 6-0 217 So.

S 23 Jeron Johnson 5-11 198 Sr.
30 Travis Stanaway 5-11 191 Jr.

S 8 George Iloka 6-3 209 Jr.
16 Cedric Febis 6-3 204 Jr.

N 17 Winston Venable 5-11 220 Sr.
25 Hunter White 5-11 217 Jr.

CB 21 Jamar Taylor 5-11 191 So.
4 Jerrell Gavins 5-9 174 Jr.

CB 13 Brandyn Thompson 5-10 177 Sr.
37 Ebo Makinde 5-11 171 Fr.
31 Antwon Murray 5-11 170 Jr.



PK - 35 Kyle Brotzman 5-10 197 Sr.

84 Jimmy Pavel 5-9 221 So.

KO - 14 Trevor Harman 6-2 197 Fr.
35 Kyle Brotzman 5-10 197 Sr.

HD - 2 Austin Pettis 6-3 203 Sr.

P - 35 Kyle Brotzman 5-10 197 Sr.
49 Brad Elkin 6-2 202 Sr.

SNP - 94 Byron Hout 6-0 223 Jr.
or 44 Chris Roberson 6-0 226 So.

KR - 4 Titus Young 5-11 175 Sr.
22 Doug Martin 5-9 212 Jr.

PR - 1 Titus Young 5-11 175 Sr.
or 3 Chris Potter 5-9 160 So.


Disclaimer: Depth charts mean as much as you want them to mean. Keep in mind that things change over the course of a game week and that game situations, injuries, and performance will render some of this depth chart moot. Still, it's fun to speculate ... with hyperbole! Jamar Taylor and Michael Atkinson are in cahoots!

Note: Boise State has yet to release its Louisiana Tech depth chart to the public, so the chart above is a rip-off rom last week's. When the new one is posted, I'll update. As you were.

Jamar Taylor picked the perfect time to be suspended, not that that's what he was going for

The most notable change in last week's starting lineup was the absence of Taylor due to suspension for something or other. And yay for that. Taylor's absence let Jerrell Gavins get some good experience with the starters at exactly the right time. Good passing offenses are coming. Boise State will need to be ready.

The next three games that the Broncos play feature the three top WAC passing teams (excluding BSU).

  1. Hawaii (402 ypg)
  2. Idaho (344 ypg)
  3. Louisiana Tech (244 ypg)

Fortunately for the Broncos, they get to warm up with the spread passing attack of Louisiana Tech on Tuesday, an attack that is in baby diapers compared to the grown man boxer shorts of Hawaii and Idaho. Gavins figures to see a lot of playing time again this week should the Broncos choose to add a defensive back to defend against the spread. Assuming Taylor is reinstated, that makes the Broncos legitimately three-deep in starter material at the corner. Good luck with that, Ross Jenkins.

With that in mind, how would you rank Boise State's top three corners? I raise the question because the thought was raised to me that Taylor might be the Broncos' best so far this year. Here are my rankings:

  1. Brandyn Thompson
  2. Jamar Taylor
  3. Jerrell Gavins


Ryan Winterswyk Sack Watch continues amid conspiracy

The Boise State athletic department does not want you to know that Ryan Winterswyk is sack-less this season. And they are willing to falsify statistical records to do so.

If you look at the season-to-date statistics for the Broncos, you will notice that Winterswyk's stat line looks like this:

Ryan Winterswyk: Sacks, 1.0 - 4 yards

Do not believe it for a second! claims that the sack occurred against Toledo and they hope you take them for their word at that. Ha! They have no idea how invested I am in this thing. I pulled up the play-by-play data for that game, and none of Toledo QB Austin Dantin's four sacks had Winterswyk listed as the sacker. It appears that Winterswyk received credit for one of Billy Winn's sacks (probably the Winn forced fumble where Winterswyk was inches away) when the totals were tallied. Conspiracy!

In related news, Ryan Winterswyk Batted Ball Watch and Ryan Winterswyk Field Goal Block Watch have ended.

Jerrell Gibbons climbing the depth chart

He was pretty good against San Jose State.

Halfway point All-WAC check: How many Broncos are first-team worthy?

Let me get the obvious ones out of the way first: Kellen Moore, Doug Martin, Titus Young, Nate Potter, Billy Winn, Shea McClellin, Jeron Johnson.

Now, it gets a little sketchy. What do you think of the following players chances of landing on the first-team All-WAC by season's end?

  • Austin Pettis
  • Kyle Efaw
  • Tommy Gallarda
  • Thomas Byrd
  • Will Lawrence
  • Ryan Winterswyk
  • Chase Baker
  • Byron Hout
  • Aaron Tevis
  • Brandyn Thompson
  • George Iloka
  • Chris Potter


Boise State's new offensive strategy: Less Kellen Moore

Seems that way, doesn't it?

Of all the cool plays that the Broncos have unveiled in recent weeks, the majority of them involve someone other than Moore taking the snap. Now, the question becomes: How much more of this stuff will we see the rest of the season?

I have to think that these plays are here to stay. They were effective in real game situations (pre-blowouts, in other words), and they have become more and more a regular part of the gameplan as the season has progressed. Plus, they make red zone offense look like child's play. Also, I now feel that it is more a matter of when, not if, Kellen Moore catches a touchdown pass.

Kyle Brotzman has leg problems, convenient excuse for missing PAT

According to Chadd Cripe, Brotzman has been suffering from leg problems off and on all season, which is why Trevor Harman is on your TV being mistaken for Kyle Brotzman more and more. Is Brotzman's injury enough to keep you awake at night? It is for me, but I'm awake anyway, writing helpful suggestions to Craig James on where he should stick his AP poll.

Boise State likes these players, so I like these players

The Broncos' internal players of the week against San Jose State were Titus Young (offense), George Iloka (defense), Ryan Winterswyk (special teams), Tyrone Crawford (linemen), and Winston Venable (Hammer).


  • The O-line carousel has become the O-line petting zoo. There is no weekly drama anymore, and I'm quite pleased with that. Also, I'm a big fan of petting zoos.
  • Joe Southwick is clearly the backup quarterback, right? I mean, it would be a shocker if Michael Coughlin saw the field before him at any point the rest of the way.
  • Brad Elkin is officially redshirting this season. He'll compete to replace Kyle Brotzman as punter next season.
  • Mitch Burroughs may be healthy enough to play on Tuesday against the Bulldogs. Play where? I don't know. Chris Potter's done a pretty great Mitch Burroughs impersonation.

Your turn

How would you rank Boise State's three top cornerbacks? What Bronco players might be on their way to first-team All-WAC honors? Concerned for my safety now that I've outed BroncoSports's Ryan Winterswyk conspiracy? Share your thoughts in the comments.