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Boise State football midseason awards: The 3rd Annual OBies!

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Boise State is getting marginalized in the polls. Nevada and Fresno have dropped winnable conference games. Idaho has suspended somebody. We must be at the midseason point in the year!

In what has become an annual tradition here at OBNUG, I am proud to present Boise State football's finest midseason award show - the OBies. Like last year, you are the ones who decide the winners by voting in the categories after the jump. So put your voting cap on, and join me for a rundown of this year's OBie nominees.

Happy midseason. Go Broncos! Let the OBie voting begin!

New to OBNUG and the OBie awards? Relive history with the original OBie awards and last season's OBie ceremony. Can't see the form below? View it in Google Docs.