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Boise State shuts out, blows out New Mexico State, 59-0

Boise State's farewell WAC tour got off with a bang as the Broncos dominated New Mexico State in every way imaginable, winning big, 59-0.

Boise State scored 24 first quarter points and benefited from three first-half Aggie turnovers to put this game to bed early. Kellen Moore threw three touchdowns, Doug Martin scored twice, and Boise State got the blowout everyone expected. Get more breakdown after the jump and leave your thoughts in the comments.


The five best plays of the game

1. Ryan Winterswyk interception. Winterswyk owes Shea McClellin a Blizzard for this one. And not a pumpkin pie one. Those don't count. McClellin, lined up at linebacker, skied to tip an intended screen pass, and Winterswyk corraled the batted ball.

2. Kyle Efaw's 41-yard TD catch. Efaw was wide open off a pretty great play fake. Know how I know it was a great play fake? Because the WAC cameraman is still trying to figure out who has the ball. Actually, he was doing that even on poor play fakes, so I guess that argument is invalid. I assume the play was really good, though.

3. Jeron Johnson forced fumble. I always have dreamed about blowing up an option pitch the way Jeron Johnson did. Poor Seth Smith. I wouldn't have bothered catching that thing either.

4. Joe Southwick 78-yard TD pass to Chris Potter. What a throw by Southwick. What a lack of safety help in the New Mexico State secondary.

5. Michael Coughlin TD run. That's right. Michael. Coughlin. TD. Run. He scored the Broncos' first touchdown of the game on an extremely effective read option. Does that make Coughlin the Nathan Enderle of Colin Kaepernicks?

Your turn

What were your top five plays of the game? Preferred Efaw's other TD grab or Doug Martin's receiving TD? Let me know inf the comments.

Recap of Boise State vs. New Mexico State

Boise State faced a third down and four on their own 39-yard-line on their first possession. It was probably the most challenging moment all game long.

Boise State converted the 3rd down on a five-yard pass to Austin Pettis, and four plays later, Michael Coughlin was in the end zone untouched on a read option run. And the rout was on.

The Broncos scored 21 points off three first-half New Mexico State turnovers, went into halftime with a 34-0 lead, and pulled their starters after one second half drive, finishing with a 59-0 win and one of the team's most complete games in Coach Pete's tenure.

Everyone played and everyone excelled. Kellen Moore threw two touchdowns to Kyle Efaw. Doug Martin ran for a score and caught a touchdown. Jeremy Avery had a touchdown on the ground. Both backup quarterbacks accounted for points, Coughlin with the first touchdown of the game and Southwick with a third quarter score, on a 78-yard touchdown pass to Chris Potter.

The game was a complete and total domination by the Broncos, pretty much any way you slice it. Blowouts can get ugly, but for a Bronco fan, this one was far from ugly. It was beautiful in its brutality. There was no letdown or let up from the Broncos, and what better sign can that be with the soft WAC schedule now underway?

It was over when ...

Ryan Winterswyk picked off  Matt Christian's pass on the Aggies' second possession. New Mexico State had just got a first down and looked like they could show some fight against the Broncos. But McClellin and Winterswyk put a quick end to that.



Kellen Moore 13-18, 197 yards, 3 touchdowns


Doug Martin 10 carries, 95 yards, 1 touchdown
Jeremy Avery 8 carries, 70 yards, 1 touchdown


Titus Young 5 catches, 79 yards
Austin Pettis 5 catches, 31 yards
Kyle Efaw 2 catches, 67 yards, 2 touchdowns

Knee-jerk reactions

Boise State showed more read option plays than ever with packages for Michael Coughlin and Joe Southwick, and they were good at it ... The best player for New Mexico State was obviously CB Davon House; I won't  know for sure until game charting, but I don't believe Boise State completed a pass in his direction ... Welcome back, Jason Robinson and Daron Mackey ... Someone needs to tell Dick Tomey that just because he's an old man he does not have liberty to talk ad nauseum for three hours about whatever he wants ... Just think: San Jose State is supposed to be worse than New Mexico State ... Boise State special teams: problem solved or not? ... Seems like Boise State didn't even need Kellen Moore for that whole first quarter ... Good luck to davadams trying to get highlights from that WAC TV footage ...

Your turn

What do you think about Boise State's win? What were your favorite plays? Happy with Boise State's performance? Share your thoughts in the comments.