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Game balls for Boise State versus San Jose State

Who was Boise State's player of the game on Saturday night? Do you have to ask? Game balls for Kellen Moore, Jarrell Root, WAC TV, and more are after the jump. Then let me know who you'd give game balls to in the comments.

Plus, video of Aaron Tevis's one-handed INT. Enjoy.

Player of the first half

Kellen Moore

The first half belonged to Kellen Moore, like most things football-related. He was on fire, throwing incomplete only twice: once on a big hit on a 3rd down play and the other on a quasi-dropped sideline pattern. And I refuse to count either in the unlicensed biography I am penning about Moore's life, tentative title, The Moore You Know.

Player of the second half

San Jose State LB  Vincent Abbott

WAC TV color commentator Joe Glenn was right in having a brief gleeful asphyxiation episode any time Vincent Abbott was on screen. It takes an awful lot to force fumbles from two different Boise State quarterbacks. For instance, it takes a Boise State spring game.

Catch of the game

Aaron Tevis

You know it's not San Jose State's day when Boise State linebackers are making one-handed pick-sixes.


Call of the game

Titus Young TD run

Seriously, I'm still trying to figure out that one. There are not enough napkins in this Dairy Queen to diagram what was going on there. (And yes, I'm sitting in a Dairy Queen right now.)

Worst idea of the game

San Jose State single coverage on Titus Young

Maybe if the single coverage was by Rogue, the energy-stealing X-men lady. Or the BFG. But definitely not a San Jose State cornerback.

Game ball for best performance in a Ryan Winterswyk role

Jarrell Root

Saturday night, Root had his long awaited backfield party, recording a sack, a tackle for loss, and a forced fumble. And he followed it up with a little sideline shimmy that Karl Benson probably wishes WAC TV cameras didn't catch. I say, better to show that than the Spartan mascot getting jiggy with it in a half-empty section of the stadium.

Scariest moment of Jordan La Secla's life

The sack by Winston Venable

Early in the first quarter, La Secla rolled to his right, looked for a receiver, saw Winston Venable barrelling toward him at full Winston Venable speed, and completely froze. Seriously, you could see the fear paralysis happening in real time and his thoughts going, "Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man." Fortunately for La Secla, Venable took pity on him and only moderately leveled him.

Gameball for most annoying WAC TV commercial

Fresno hotel

I don't care if it is close to the airport!

Technical Awards

  • Kyle Brotzman miss of the night: The PAT. I sure hope the middle of the field from the 2-yard-line is not the new left hash.
  • Most breast cancer aware referee: Steve Strimling, head referee. Double pink wrist bands? OK. It is also notable that the Hawaii game featured the world's tannest referee. Who let him out of the floating bar at The Mirage? And more importantly, where does the WAC find these people?
  • San Jose State's biggest loss other than the actual loss: RB Lamon Muldrow. Would things have turned out differently had Muldrow not injured a knee in the first quarter? Well, the Spartans might not have rushed for negative yardage. "Might."
  • FAIL of the game: The WAC TV down and distance guy. And you thought it was going to be something San Jose State-related, didn't you?

Your turn

What stood out to you in Saturday night's game? Who else deserved game balls? Happy to see Jarrell Root make some plays? Share your thoughts in the comments.