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Three stars and one goat of Boise State's win over San Jose State

Quote of the night: "Right in your living rooms, ladies and gentlemen. Doug Martin. Tough dude." And that pretty much summed it up, for the first half at least. Kellen Moore and the Broncos cruised on to another impressive victory on Saturday night as they demolished the San Jose State Spartans 48-0. Join me now as I try to pick out the three stars and one goat of Boise State's win over San Jose State.

Naming three stars of the game is a hockey tradition that Kevan asked me to bogart for Bronco games. More info here, if you're interested.

Over the past three games, Boise State has outscored it's opponents 164-14. That's a lot of trips to the endzone. Saturday night wasn't any different than the previous two. The Broncos were able to run up the score so high in the first half, successfully covering the 40 point spread, that starters were again able to sit the entire second half. What are my thoughts on this? Well, angry that we haven't seen the Broncos play a complete game in almost a month. Excited that guys like Joe Southwick and the tandem of GeraldBurks are getting some good reps. However, the lack of defense and all around skill among WAC teams is rather disheartening as our first teamers only get to play ball for thirty minutes.

Things that were more exciting than the second half of Saturday nights matchup:

  • The Nevada - Hawai'i game. Never thought I'd say that.
  • Billy Winn's hair.
  • The WSN broadcast. Just kidding.
  • Arthritis.

That pretty much covers it. My apologies in advance if you are bored, unhappy, or otherwise uninterested in this week's three stars post.

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Star No.3: Pete Kwiatkowski, Defensive Coordinator

The San Jose State Spartans did not even break 100 yards of total offense on Saturday night. Is that because they are downright awful or because our D is just that good? Well, both.

They really are just that bad, but our defense was dominating as usual on Saturday night. With the departure of Justin Wilcox to Tennessee, Pete Kwiatkowski stepped into the role as defensive coordinator and has been dominating all season. On a team that is typically known for their prolific offense, Boise State's defense is no second fiddle. The Spartans rushed for an astounding -12 yards on Saturday night. That is -.4 yards per carry. Coach Kwiatkowski really has his guys dialed in, and it's a great sight to see. Too bad they have to wait until Nevada before really having to buckle down. Coach K, we applaud your leadership and salute you as Star No. 3 of Boise State's win over San Jose State. 

Star No. 2: Doug Martin

Team Muscle Hamster was at it again on Saturday night, rumbling his way down the field and trampling over any peons that stumbled into his wake. Is Doug really that good, or was San Jose State just that bad at wrapping up and making legitimate collegiate tackles? Well, both.

Doug is a machine. An absolute wrecking ball. And for about 20 minutes last night, he proved why he is the starting running back on this No. 3 team in the nation. Eight carries for 68 yards and two touchdowns. What was most impressive were Doug's yards after contact. While most backs get hit and are lucky to lunge forward for an extra yard or two, Doug takes it to the extreme. If you're unfortunate enough to step in front of him, he drops his shoulder and runs right over you. It often takes multiple defenders to pull him down. Doug played a critical role in covering the spread in the first half by opening the scoring with a touchdown. He also had 53 receiving yards on the night. Join me now as I congratulate Mr. Muscle Hamster as Star No.2 of Boise State's win over San Jose State.

Star No. 1: Kellen Moore

Well, well, well, Señor Moore, we meet again. Kellen was prolific as usual on Saturday night, going 14/16 for 231 yards and two touchdowns. Had he played the entire game, we probably would have put up 100 points on the Spartans. Coach Pete is too classy for that though. On an entirely different note, when Kellen subs out, who is the guy that runs over and gives him an orange BSU ball cap to wear? I want that job. Kellen's passer rating was video game-esque on Saturday night having a passer rating of 250! Who does that?! Steve Young in Madden '94, that's who. Oh, and Kellen Moore in real life. Kellen's passer rating throughout the season is as follows: 134, 185, 196, 218, 219, 250. So, yeah. He's getting better every game. At this rate, he might finish off Utah State at the end of the season with a 400 passer rating. For having unhuman numbers, it is you Kellen Moore, that once again is Star No.1 of Boise State's win over San Jose State.

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The Goat: WAC defense

Could I have picked pretty much anything for Saturday night's game? Yep. In fact, I asked on Twitter, but I don't have any followers. Sniffle. I could have easily picked the WSN again, because yes, they were once again awful. Not quite as awful however as Mike Belotti during the OSU - UW game. Apparently Oregon State really needed a touchdown to tie the game. Weird. Anyways, the defense was once again a complete train wreck for the Broncos opposition Saturday night. They allowed 322 yards through the air and 213 on the ground. They allowed a first down on nearly every pass, and 5.5 yards per carry. That's bad, even for a WAC defense. 

BSU should cruise along quite easily until the November 26 meeting in Reno with the Nevada Wolf Pack (possible exception: Hawaii). This may prove to be their first real test since the Oregon State game. Stay tuned for a lot more Stars going to Kellen, and a lot more goats going to WAC defense and the WSN.

Your turn

Were you as bored as I was with Saturday night's matchup? Thought so. Who were your stars, and who was your goat? And more importantly, do you also want to be the guy who gives Kellen his hat once he subs out? Sound off in the comments, Bronco Nation.