Computer Rankings as they come out


Going to try something new here...track the computer rankings as they are released. First, we know the AP Rankings (with Boise State at #2...also a reminder that these are not used in the BCS formula). Please remember that you can analyze the individual voters at PollSpeak or utilizing the AP Site, itself. Coaches Poll where we are also #2. Harris Poll also has us at #2 follwed by TCU and then Oklahoma. Also of note, Nevada is still ranked at #25 in this poll, and like the other 2 human polls, VA Tech is ranked again (#23 in all three). We also now have to overall BCS Rankings where we are #3. It feels bad...almost like a loss...but, like everyone keeps saying, there is a LOT of football left to play. As long as Boise handles its business, we should be gravy (quick, raise your hand if you think Oklahoma or Oregon are going to run the table...anyone? How about Auburn/LSU...still no? Exactly). Complete BCS Breakdown is here. Now, on to the Computers. They consist of Massey BCS, Sagarin-ELO, Colley, Billingsley, Anderson, and Wolfe (the title link will get you to the composite ranking with individual links to them all). Massey BCS #7 here, behind Oklahoma, Missouri, Michigan State, LSU, Auburn, and TCU. Sagarin-ELO has us at #6 behind Oklahoma, Oregon, Michigan State, Auburn, and Stanford. Colley #7 behind Oklahoma, LSU, Auburn, Michigan State, Missouri, and TCU. Billingsley has us at #2 behind LSU; Oklahoma is #3. Anderson & Hester #6 behind LSU, Auburn, Oklahoma, Michigan State, and Missouri. Wolfe has us at #7 behind Oklahoma, Auburn, LSU, Michigan State, TCU, and Missouri. Remember, the highest ranking and lowest ranking are thrown out for each team. The remaining 4 are averaged together to get the composite Computer Poll.

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