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Boise State shuts out San Jose State 48-0, has a pretty great day all things considered

The Broncos breezed to a 48-point win at San Jose State on Saturday night, mostly only trying in the first half. Kellen Moore threw two scores, Doug Martin ran for two TDs, and the Broncos put the Spartans away in dominating fashion.

Meanwhile, the rest of college football was doing Boise State a whole lot of favors.

With losses by Ohio State, Nebraska, and South Carolina (among others), Boise State's BCS chances got a big boost, less than 24 hours before the first BCS standings are revealed. Get a recap of Boise State's game, and discuss how much fun today's upsets were after the jump. Go Broncos!


The five best plays of the game

  1. Aaron Tevis one-hand INT for TD. Words cannot describe how awesome this play was, especially not these words: Tevis slipped into the passing lane to jump in front of a La Secla pass, nabbed it with one arm (the one with the carpal-tunnel-like brace), and took off down the sideline with a convoy of blockers into the end zone. And good job not fumbling. Although a Jeremy Avery - Titus Young redux with Aaron Tevis and Billy Winn would have been pretty cool. 
  2. Kellen Moore 43-yard TD pass to Titus Young. He finally didn't underthrow him!
  3. Titus Young 17-yard TD run. The design of that play was simply stunning. Sure it was an end around, but there was enough going on in the backfiled, and enough options for future Bronco plays, to make an entire offense out of.
  4. Doug Martin 6-yard TD run. Martin broke a zone run right back to his left and then kept cutting, going east-west for probably the first time in his life and looking good doing it. The final three yards were much more Martin-like as he submarined under a defender for the score.
  5. Chris Potter's punt return escape. Potter fielded a punt, got hit immediately, and ended up running for about 30 yards and alomst taking it to the end zone. I'm sure Titus Young would like to think he could have done the same.

Your turn

What were your favorite plays from tonight's game?

Recap of Boise State vs. San Jose State

Boise State won in so many different ways on Saturday, it was almost like rubbing it in. No offense, San Jose State!

The Broncos blew out the Spartans, 48-0. Boise State's BCS competition lost (Ohio State to Wisconsin, South Carolina to Kentucky, Nebraska to Texas). And the Vandals got beat by Louisiana Tech. Best. Saturday. Ever.

Kellen Moore had a pretty good day, as per uze, throwing for 250 yards, two TDs, and not playing at all in the second half. Doug Martin scored twice on the ground and averaged eight yards per carry in the first half. Titus Young had 100 yards receiving and a score. Aaron Tevis went all Andy Avalos on a pick-six.

But it was clear from the onset of the game (via a typically amateur WAC TV broadcast) that this weekend was all about the BCS for the Broncos. They are expected to be No. 1 in the first week of the BCS rankings tomorrow evening They watched three of their top competition go down. Kirk Herbstreit said something nice about them.

By all intents and purposes, it was a good day to be a Bronco and an excellent day to be a Bronco fan.

It was over when ...

San Jose State punted on 4th down and 3 at their own 47 on their second series. OK, so let's imagine you're the Spartans and you know that Boise State is going to score 50 points against you and you have what may be your best field position of the game near midfield with a manageable 4th down. Do you a) go for it because you know you need to capitalize on this opportunity or b) punt because, hey, this game's over anyway? San Jose punted, and wouldn't you know, this game was over.



Kellen Moore 14-for-17, 231 yards, 2 touchdowns


Doug Martin 8 carries, 68 yards, two touchdowns
Jeremy Avery 6 carries, 16 yards, one touchdown


Titus Young 7 catches, 105 yards, one touchdown
Austin Pettis 3 catches, 53 yards


Knee-jerk reactions

There was no Jamar Taylor tonight, and like everyone expected, it didn't matter ... Do you ever wonder if Austin Pettis gets jealous of Titus Young getting more touches? ...Those first few drives by the Broncos were scary effective ... Congratulations to Kellen Moore for getting the career completion record at Boise State since I guess that's a thing ... Does he also own the record for fewing second halves played in consecutive games? ... Doug Martin going backward on that tackle on his screen pass reception was just weird to watch, kind of like Joe Glenn's teeth ... I honestly don't think I could name a single San Jose State defensive player and I just spent three hours watching them ... Wait, Pablo Garcia? Is he a person? ... 

Joe Glenn line of the night: "Your future is in front of you" ... The offensive line was just blowing people off the ball tonight ... The only reason this game wasn't a worse blowout was that Boise State lost the turnover battle ... I resigned myself to accept that Boise State's kickoff coverage will not be good this season ... 

Your turn

What did you think of Boise State's win over San Jose State? Happy with the rest of the results from today? Share your thoughts in the comments.