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Interview with a Spartan: Five questions with Spartan Insider and Spartan Blitz (kind of)

It would take a special type of person to be a San Jose State blogger, which is probably why no San Jose State blogs exist. But will I let the lack of blogs keep me from doing a blog interview? Against my better judgment, no.

Rather than email questions to a fellow blogger, I combed through SJSU message boards to copy and paste answers to five SJSU-related questions. Continue reading to see what Spartan fans are feeling about Saturday's game. As for the blog bet, I have some ideas.



The following interview consists of pieces and parts of forum posts taken entirely out of their original contexts on Spartan Insider (a.k.a. Spartan Thunder) and Spartan Blitz. After combing through message boards for an hour-and-a-half, I will now scrub my eyes with hand sanitizer.

The Interview

1. Describe your team's season-to-date in 100 words or less. Finish your statement with a completely bogus prediction.

Consistency has not been achieved by the Spartans. Losing badly to Bama but showing glimpses of improvement from last year, then playing WAY better than expected against Wisconsin, then playing poorly and getting lucky to Southern Utah, then terrible at Utah, then bad at Davis, and finally better than expected against Nevada.

In this sea of inconsistency, it's not out of the realm of possibility to see something special on Saturday.

2. If Boise State could pick one player from your team to come play with them, who would it be? If you could pick one Boise State player to go play for your team, who would it be? Explain.

LB Vince Buhagiar has a team-leading 44 tackles in the first 6 games of this season and I would compare him to a "developing Matt Castelo."

(ed's note: I have no idea who that is.)

QB Jordan La Secla just isn't that good. It kills me to no end watching him try to sell the play action. My 4-year-old nephew could sell it better than he could. 

(ed's note: I assume they would take Kellen Moore)

3. Imagine for a moment that your team is ESPN's college football coverage. What part is Ron Franklin and what part is Pam Ward?

The Ron Franklin part:

Our defensive line is the backbone of our team.  If we can stop the run without 8 men in the box, it makes it easier to contain Austin Pettis and Kellen Moore

The Pam Ward part:

(See Jordan La Secla reference above and this entire thread titled "It's time to pull the plug on La Secla.")

4. Name three keys to victory for your team. Name one key to certain defeat.

  1. With Boise, I think you have to beat them with up the field speed from your RB and WR. Something I see offensively are quick draws to RB Brandon Rutley and a few end arounds to WR Josh Harrison.
  2. Go to a running game designed to pick up just three or four yards a play, play four-down football because we haven't got much of a chance anyway, and figure to make 10 yards in four downs, keep the chains moving, and put the ball in the end zone every time.
  3. I think the key is run blitz on the first down and man up, if Moore burns you oh well, but you can't give them short yardage on 2nd and 3rd down all night.

Key to certain defeat:

We forfeit. This way it won't be a blowout.

5. On a scale of boy bands, with O*Town being not at all and N*Snync being supremely, how confident are you that your team will win on Saturday ?

We will lose and, probably, lose big. I am too depressed to think clearly right now.

(ed's note: Sounds like O*Town to me.)

The Blog Bet

Since there is no San Jose State blog, there can be no San Jose State blog bet this week. Unless someone starts a San Jose State blog in the next 72 hours. Hint-hint. Wink-wink. Don't make me spell it out for you, OBNUGgers.