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OBNUG Pick 'Em: Week 6 Winners and Week 7 Games

I'm seeing mid-season reports around the college football universe. Didn't that go fast? Boise State has only played one WAC game and still has 7 WAC games remaining on the schedule. 

In case you missed it last week, we switched up the way to enter picks from now on. Visit the following link to insert your picks for this week. Please keep your username consistent for your overall standings.

OBNUG Week 7 Pick 'Em Pick Sheet

Join me after the jump for a look back at last week's games and what's on the schedule for this week.

Week 6 Games

There were some pretty interesting upsets last week that didn't involve a #1 ranked SEC team losing. Let's take a look at some results in the WAC.

Utah State came off a highly emotional thrashing of in state rival BYU and traveled to Ruston to take on Louisiana Tech. Surprisingly, La Tech beat Utah State soundly 24-6. Was this a letdown after the previous week for Utah State? How bad is BYU?

Also in surprising WAC results, Hawaii dominated Fresno State on the mainland 49-27. I sure didn't see Fresno State's collapse coming this early in the season. Hawaii sure does look like a solid team all of a sudden. I'm feeling better knowing that they have to come to the Blue this season. However, Nevada has to make the long flight to the island this week.

Speaking of our newly christened WAC Top 25 team Nevada, they had quite the lackluster performance against San Jose State only winning by 22 points, 35-13. I was pretty confident last week that Nevada would be undefeated by the time Boise State faced them in November, but I'm suddenly vary wary of them this week at Hawaii.

Week 6 Winner

In yet another tie, EGNOWIT and TOOMUCHYOUNG both posted 7 wins apiece this week but the winner is TOOMUCHYOUNG with the tiebreaker.

Overall Standings Delayed

I had some inquiries last week because I forgot to include the overall standings in my post. I do have the week to week games but have not had the time to tabulate them manually yet so I will hopefully have those by the end of the week so please watch for those. But don't worry, they have not been lost.

Week 7 Games

I'm sure hoping for some more upsets.


#1 Ohio St. at #18 Wisconsin (+3.5)

Pick: Wisconsin

Ohio State hasn't played anyone and still hasn't looked that impressive. Let's hope they trip up in their first real test.

Texas at #5 Nebraska (-9.5)

Pick: Texas

Texas is down but I'm hoping they can keep it close if not pull this one out.

#12 Arkansas at #7 Auburn (-3.5)

Pick: Arkansas

I'm hoping for SEC pandemonium if Arkansas pulls off this game.

BYU at #4 TCU (-29.5)

Pick: TCU

BYU is bad. Very bad.

Idaho at Louisiana Tech (+1.5)

Pick: Louisiana Tech

I'm ready for some more Idaho losses.

New Mexico St. at Fresno St. (-30.5) 

Pick: Fresno State

I was tempted to pick the hot Aggies but just couldn't do it.

#19 Nevada at Hawaii (+7.5) 

Pick: Nevada

I'm hoping my gut is wrong about this game.

#3 Boise State at San Jose St. (+39.5) 

Pick: Boise State

Boise State pulls their starters out by the 3rd quarter and still covers. Love that.