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Game balls for Boise State versus Toledo

Boise State cruised to a 57-14 win over Toledo on Saturday night, which makes handing out game balls so hard. Everyone deserves one. Except the ref who made that holding call on Boise State's fake punt. That guy is a ruiner of lives.

After the jump, I hand out game balls to some of the most noteworthy performances from Saturday, and then you're invited to share your favorite plays, players, and moments from Boise State's win. Who gets player of the game? Who gets player of the game besides Kellen Moore? Continue reading to find out.

Reader's choice award for player of the game

Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore is to Reader's choice award for player of the game what The Amazing Race is to Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition. We may as well just give it to him every week because you're going to vote for him, I'm going to vote for him, and have you seen WAC defenses lately?

As always, Moore was deserving, going 16-for-22, 267 yards, and three scores. And that's with The Man keeping him down by not playing most of the second half. Can you imagine Moore's numbers with full-time playing time? They would be like Bryant Moniz's except efficient. Also, the Heisman Trophy race would be over.

Player of the game who wasn't Kellen Moore

Jeremy Avery

Looking for a sentimental storyline from the game? Why, Jeremy Avery and his three touchdowns of course. Determination, perseverance, teamwork, and not being horribly bitter about rushing for 1,000 yards and then being named your team's No. 3 running back. These Brian Murphy stories write themselves.

Avery's three scores on seven carries were a great feat for a player who deserves every good thing he gets because of his unselfish play this season. Also, he is really good in space. On his first touchdown run, a Toledo defender was in perfect position to make a play on Avery at the line of scrimmage except for Avery being the quickest man on the field and easily beating him to the corner and the end zone.

All hail Jeremy Avery. All pity slow Toledo defenders.

Dominant defensive player of the night

Billy Winn

Winn finished the game with two sacks, a forced fumble, and what was either a concussion or a convenient excuse to stalk the sidelines showing everyone his mohawk. Can we call this the Billy Winn hat trick: sack, fumble, sideline haircut glamor shot?

Austin Pettis catch of the night

20-yard tipped ball catch

Not only was the ball deflected making it that much harder to catch (right, butterfingered Toledo defenders?), but Pettis was also getting his helmet ripped off his head by the Toledo corner, who apparently mistook the ball for whatever bright shiny object was easiest to grab.

Runner up for best catch of the night: Titus Young's TD grab on an underthrown deep ball.

Last place finish for best catch of the night: Jonathan Brown's dropped interception.

Tim Beckman's night in a nutshell

This picture



Gameball for excellence in play calling

Jeremy Avery reverse out of quasi-wildcat

Avery's second touchdown of the night came in a formation you may have recognized from last season: Chris Potter at quarterback, Avery and Martin and Kaiserman at various points in the formation, me freaking out at home because I love this formation so much. And just like last year, the reverse to Avery went for six as Toledo had no idea what hit them.

Check out the replay on YouTube via ESPN's non-embeddable highlight vids (0:06 mark).

Worst Chris Potter pass of the night

Potter to Efaw

To his credit, the pass was complete. Not to his credit, Efaw had a good 10 yards on the closest defender and ended up catching the ball with a defender draped all over him.

Potter's pass was also the recipient of Hardest QB Hit of the Night, so I should cut him some slack.

Most fitting play for Toledo's night

Field goal miss off the upright

Also, any of the their five turnovers would have been a fitting play.

Tyrod Taylor award for best Bronco opponent

Eric Page

The Toledo receiver had 11 receptions for 120 yards, and no, Coach Pete doesn't know how that happened.

It’s just frustrating when you know it and think you’ve got some things dialed up to stop him and you can’t. It’s just a credit to him and the plan that they had.

Toledo's plan: Get Eric Page the ball 11 times and lose by 43 points.

Game ball for not being as bad as Dick Tomey

Joe Glenn

Or maybe it was just a different kind of bad? Either way, I'll take Glenn's over-exuberance and made up words over Tomey's old man rambling any day.

How 'bout next week? I hear we have Glenn and Co. again for the call of SJSU versus Boise State.

Technical awards

  • Kellen Moore non-pass of the night: Moore's six-yard scramble. I really hope this does not mean the return of the option to the short side of the field.
  • "He's not open, Austin Dantin" award: Dantin's pass to Shea McClellin. That is not how you draw up swing passes. Perhaps Bronco opponents should just stop throwing the ball to running backs near the line of scrimmage.
  • Buzzkill: Michael Atkinson. Suspended indefinitely? I need answers. Oh wait. This is Boise State. I'm not getting those.
  • Reminder that Boise State football is all things good: Emil Smith tribute. A moment of silence before the game and an invite to Smith's family were just some of the ways that the Broncos honored Smith on Saturday. Good for them and God bless that family.
  • Welcome back, two-point conversions: Pettis's keeper following Boise State's first score. And a hundred score predictions were over with just three minutes into the game.
  • Best impersonation of Tommy Gallarda: Kyle Efaw. Seriously, three touchdowns in two games? Who does he think he is?

Your turn

Who gets your game balls for Saturday night's win? What was your favorite Bronco play call? Did you like this WAC TV pairing better than last week's? Share your thoughts in the comments.