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Bowl Pick 'Em Final: The winner, the losers, and those fabulous prizes

It's time to draw this bowl season to a close. It's been a very interesting bowl season with its fair share of ups and downs, but mostly downs if you had any confidence at all in the WAC.

Join me after the jump as we tie a giant bow on the Bowl Pick 'Em contest.

1 ButtCrackLogos, C. Base 415
2 Ewing Confidence OBNUG, R. Ewing 400
3 DRD bizarro world picks, D. Dow 387
4 bronconationeast, I. Smythe 386
5 Richie's Evil Twin, M. Paige 376
6 7398Jacob 1, J. Hammond 375
7 pickemgoodz (by date), J. T 372
8 Pineapple Express, B. christensen 371
9 HarrisTracey 2, T. Harris 365
10 divox21 1, L. Brown 356

Final standings

As you probably know already if you've glanced at the sidebar or visited the group page, our winner is casketbase with a 23-11 record and some well-placed confidence points. His entry was good enough for a 15-point win and a 99.4 percentile ranking overall. 

How did he do it? It wasn't easy. Out of the gate, he lost 34 confidence points on Fresno State and 31 on Nevada but was able to turn it around by placing 32 points on Central Michigan, 33 on Texas Tech, 30 on Auburn, and 26 on Florida.

Enjoy the Boise State bobblehead and limited edition Boise State art print, but most of all, enjoy that self-confidence boost. We all want to be you.

So what happened to 7398Jacob?

In our last update on the bowl pick'em, Kevan called for someone to stop 7398Jacob from running away with this thing. Looks like that happened as 7398Jacob was overtaken and dropped all the way to #6 by the end of it.

The clairvoyant nature of the picks ran out with this string:

  • Miami (23)
  • Arizona (22)
  • Houston (21)
  • Northwestern (16)
  • West Virginia (15)
  • Oregon (13)
  • Cincinnati (12)
Not a good stretch there. 

Other notes

  • Our defending champion (me) put together a respectable 21-13 record, good for a tie for 18th, but I couldn't recover from my blind confidence in the WAC
  • Kevan recovered for a very mediocre 17-17 and 56th overall. 
  • Drew was was 19-15 but some misplaced confidence points only netted him a 71st place finish.
  • Our regular season pick 'em winner, mountngrown, kept up his above average ways by going 19-15, just like Drew. The difference between the two? mountngrown had all the confidence in all the right places and finished 13th.
  • Mikrino, our other regular season winner but tiebreaker loser, also had a solid showing, going 20-14 for a 20th place finish.

To wrap up

It's been a great year of pick 'em. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make OBNUG's pick 'em one of the most successful groups on the SBN network. Pick 'em will most definitely return next year for the college football season. In the meantime, look forward to the annual March Madness pick 'em group in a couple months.

Are there some ways that we could make pick 'em better? Anyone care to reveal a pick 'em strategy? Anyone already planning their March Madness bracket? Share your thoughts in the comments.