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Playing catch-up with Kyle Gingg



Linebacker Kyle Gingg, the Arizona kid who played in the Broncos' first Fiesta Bowl and in last year's Poinsettia Bowl was nice enough to enlighten inquiring minds with some bowl insight and more. Find out what are his keys to the game, his preference of defensive schemes and if he and I must engage in fisticuffs. It's all here.

Drew: How does a BCS bowl compare to other bowl games? Is it harder or easier to get up for games when the lights are the brightest?

The Broncos thrive under the biggest stages. We've always been able to get up for big games, but no doubt, the BCS gets everyone hyped!

Drew: Having played in the 4-3 defense and the 4-2-5, which do you prefer? What would you say the pros and cons are of each scheme and which alignment do you see shutting down the Horned Frogs best?

The 4-3 and 4-2 defenses were actually pretty similar for me. Since I played WILL most of the time, it really wasn't a whole lot different. However, I would say that I like the 4-3 just because there are more backers in there. The 4-2 is a better defense against spread offenses.

Drew: What do you see as the keys to coming out of Glendale with another BCS victory for the Broncos?

The keys are the same as any other game. Play smart, play fast, do your job. I think turnovers are going to be a huge factor, but then again they always are.

Drew: In your opinion, what players on Boise State's offense will give the Horned Frogs the most trouble and why? How about for Boise State's defense?

On offense it's got to be Kellen. He's just so crafty. On defense, my man Winterswyk is going to give the TCU offensive line a lot of problems. Too bad Brockel is hurt, because he would be my other pick.

Drew: Name the 3 toughest teams you faced in your Bronco career (in order, preferably)

Louisville (I was a redshirt but wow, those guys were unbelievable), Oklahoma, TCU/Hawaii '07

I can't tell you how bummed I am that you included Hawaii.

Drew: How do the Bronco coaches get the players ready for the biggest games? Is there a certain coach who rallies the players the most?

The coaches pretty much do what works all season. Sure there is a little more emphasis on it being a huge game, but for the most part it's the same stuff. Coach Choate is always bringing the energy. That guy is crazy sometimes, but I love it!

Drew: Which underclassmen do you think are going to be the biggest stars for the Broncos?

George Iloka has to be one of my favs.

Ours too.

Drew: Brutally honest one here: are the 2009 Broncos better than the 2006 Broncos? (You can split your votes here if you'd like)

This is tough. Defensively no. Offensively maybe. I think Kellen is a better passer and has maybe some better receivers, but the o-line was so good in '06. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to go with '06, come on I played on that team.

Drew: You're an Arizona gonna be front and center for this year's Fiesta Bowl matchup?

I'll be there.

Drew: How's your post-football career going? Did you sell the lawn-mowing business and make a mint?

Post football is actually going really well. I'm living down here in AZ and I'm actually starting my own dairy with my brother.

If the cows won't milk, show them this picture:


Drew: The extra "g" at the end of your name: silent or a birth certificate typo?

That extra G makes me Swiss German and not a Chinaman. It's actually a shortened version of what my last name really was, so my Grandpa says.

Always trust grandpas.

Drew: My wife thought you were the cutest Bronco...are we obligated to fight now?

Not the first woman to say that, or man. But no we don't have to fight, because I'm going to be married in June so I'm off the market anyway.

"Or man"?

Drew: The below pic was recently voted one of the top 3 awesomest Bronco pictures of all time. a) what were you yelling (if it was "ADRIANN!" I win a small side bet)? and b) will you sign a copy of this for my two-year old?



To be honest with you I don't remember. I was just really excited and it was probably a "let's go" of sorts mixed with something you probably don't want to put in the blog. And yes I will sign a copy. Was it really voted on?

The pic is in the mail.