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Boise State recruiting: What is TE Kyle Sosnowski's ceiling?

Incoming Boise State recruit Kyle Sosnowski is one of Idaho's best high school athletes, a hard worker, and versatile player. After a prominent career at Capital High as a two-way All-State player, how good will Sosnowski be at the next level at TE?

After the jump, see how Sosnowski compares to other recruits in the region and debate how good he'll be during his career with the Broncos. Is Sosnowski going to be another in the long line of successful local recruits? Let's discuss. ESPN  
Player  School Height Weight 40 Stars Pos. Rank Stars Rival Rank Grade Pos. Rank Reviewed
QB Grant Hedrick Central HS, Oregon 6-1 180  n/a *** 56 *** 5.7 67 168 Monday
WR Matt Miller Capital HS, Montana 6-4 210 4.5 *** 89 *** 5.7 76 108 Tuesday
DE Tyrone Crawford Bakersfield JC, CA 6-4 258  n/a *** JC **** 5.8 n/a n/a Yesterday
TE Kyle Sosnowski Capital HS, Idaho 6-3 215 4.78 ** 119 ** 5.4 40 n/a Today
DB Bryan Douglas Nathaniel Narbonne HS, CA 5-11 170 4.4 *** 59 *** 5.5 73 98 Tomorrow
DE Tyler Horn Mountain View HS, Idaho 6-4 225  n/a ** NR *** 5.5 40 n/a Monday
WR Troy Ware Vista HS, CA 6-2 175 4.55 ** 144 *** 5.6 76 120 Tuesday


Ratings courtesy of Scout, Rivals, and ESPN.

Video highlights of Kyle Sosnowski

Highlights of Sosnowski are hard to come by. This is the best that YouTube could stir up. Additional footage of Capital High is available at MaxPreps.

High school career

Sosnowski is part of a Capital High School pipeline that has churned out current Broncos Kyle Efaw and Jarrell Root. And if you're going to pick an Idaho high school to build your pipeline with, it doesn't hurt to choose one of the state's powerhouses. On a related note, I hear that the University of Idaho has shown serious interest in Greenleaf Friends Academy.

Sosnowski was a two-way star at Capital his senior year after being a one-way star for several seasons prior. A three-time All-State player at defensive back, Sosnowski holds the school record for interceptions, three of which came during Capital's run to the 5A state title game this season.

Thanks to a sensational senior season, Sosnowski confirmed his spot as one of the region's best high school prospects. Here is Rivals' list of players. Notice how many of the good ones are going to be Broncos.

Rivals' Rocky Mountain States postseason Top 10 prospects

2010 Rank Pos Ht/Wt Schools
1 Matt Miller
Helena (MT) Helena Capital
ATH 6-4/205 Boise State
2 Tyler Horn
Meridian (ID) Mountain View
DE 6-4/230 Boise State
3 Zach Daugherty
Las Cruces (NM) Onate
LB 6-1/210 New Mexico
4 Taylor Kelly
Eagle (ID) Eagle
QB 6-3/185 Arizona State
5 Kyle Sosnowski
Boise (ID) Capital
DB 6-3/203 Boise State
6 Drew Martinez
Green River (WY) Green River
WR 6-1/165 Wyoming
7 Tom Farniok
Sioux Falls (SD) Washington
OL 6-3/260 Iowa State
8 Justin Podrabsky
Lewiston (ID) Lewiston
QB 6-6/220 Idaho
9 Meiko Locksley
Albuquerque (NM) La Cueva
ATH 6-2/185 list
10 Spencer Beale
Lewiston (ID) Lewiston
OL 6-5/300 Idaho

As evidence of his versatility, Sosnowski increased his role on offense in 2009 and wound up as an All-State tight end in addition to his All-State honors at DB. Sosnowski's numbers were downright Tommy Gallarda-esque: 19 catches, 379 yards, 9 TDs.

Other things Sosnowski has going for him: his dad, Steve Sosnowski, is a former Boise State football player; he has a reputation for an outstanding work ethic; and he was All-State in 2008 after battling viral meningitis over the summer. Viral meningitis! That stuff kills people!


Boise State, Idaho, Idaho State


California, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State

Scouting Report

Everything good written and said about Sosnowski almost always comes back to his versaitlity.

"All-around best football player in Idaho," Capital coach Todd Simis said. "Kyle could play every position in the game at a high level."

"Maybe the best athlete in the whole state," Mountain View head coach Judd Benedick said. "You had to account for him on both sides of the ball."

There is little written about him as a tight end prospect since Sosnowski spent so much time starring on defense. However, some of the reports about his defensive skills provide a glimpse at what kind of player he could become.

Sosnowski's size and athleticism easily grab recruiters' attention. He also has good speed, flashy ball skills and an abundant inner drive that pushed him to play through painful knees and convinced him to practice a couple days after leaving intensive care last summer.

An abundant inner drive? So that's what my high school football career was missing.

Player/Person Mark Johnson will most likely confuse him for

Kyle Efaw

What is Sosnowski's ceiling as a tight end?

A Bronco specialty over the years making stars out of players who used to play other positions. Did you know Ryan Winterswyk used to be a safety? I feel obligated to mention that every time this subject comes up.

Sosnowski is simply the latest in a long line of position-switchers, and he may not be alone in his recruiting class as the jury's out on where recruiting mate Matt Miller might end up. Sosnowski's career at Capital was most famous for his feats on the defensive side of the ball. But Boise State sees a burgeoning star at TE. Is Sosnowski destined to be the next Derek Schouman or the next Ryan Putnam?

I believe that Sosnowski can end up at the Schouman level if all the pieces fall into place. Here are my reasons why:

  • He has a great work ethic. It is not easy to step into a relatively new position and become a star at it. Most definitely, there will be a lot of work involved, so it helps that Sosnowski likes work. This would be a detriment if he were a voter in the Harris poll.
  • He is grayshirting. Sosnowski will not join the team until 2011, and he could redshirt that season and not really play until 2012. By the time 2014 or 2015 rolls around, Sosnowski could be the size of the Incredible Hulk and know the TE position like the back of his hand.
  • He is not all that undersized to begin with. Boise State's TE group averages about 6'3" and 240 pounds. Sosnowski is already 6'3", and with some work in the weight room, he should be able to add more weight onto his frame. Freshman TE Gabe Linehan was a virtual match to Sosnowski at 6'3", 214 last year. Efaw is 6'4" and 229 pounds. Sosnowski does not have far to go.
  • He has the ball skills of a defensive back. Many TEs let the ball catch them; Sosnowski won't.

Sosnowski's biggest learning curve might be blocking. It is one thing to make plays in the receiving game as a former DB, but it is an entirely different beast to block 280-pound defensive ends on running plays to your side of the formation. If he gets the blocking down, if he adds some weight, if he buys into the TE position, he could end up being a good replacement when Efaw and Gallarda are gone.

Your turn

What is your take on Sosnowski? Think he will become a great Boise State TE? Want to see him get some time in the defensive backfield? Glad to see Boise State get another local product? Share your thoughts in the comments.