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The NUGies: The media, the hair, and Doug Martin TD runs

"I'd like to invite everyone to the after party at PF Chang's." (via <a href=""></a>)
"I'd like to invite everyone to the after party at PF Chang's." (via

Ladies and gentlemen, but probably mostly gentlemen, welcome to Day One of the second annual NUGies. We received hundreds of votes for Boise State's end-of-year awards, so thank you for your participation and feedback.

Without further ado, the jump. And then Day One of the awards.

Note: The rest of the NUGies will be revealed tomorrow, including Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year, Boise State's Game of the Year, and the Marty Tadman Awesome Award.


Most Inevitable Fail NUGie

Kyle Brotzman field goals from the left hash


Kyle Brotzman field goals from the left hash 136 69%
The drama of the WAC championship race 10 5%
Center-QB exchanges in the red zone 31 16%
Tackling Ryan Mathews 18 9%
Other 2 1%


The impetus for this award, Kyle Brotzman field goals was the clear winner in one of the most lopsided votes of the awards season. Karl Benson's gag order on WAC championship drama certainly helped.

Notable write-in votes: Troy Oppie's failed attempt at starting a grassroots campaign for "swinging gate two-point conversions" never really took flight.

Favorite Playcall NUGie

The 3-3-5 blitzing defense


Titus Young fly sweep 35 18%
Wild Avery formation 14 7%
Play-action to the tight end 38 19%
WR and RB screens 7 4%
The 3-3-5 blitzing defense 90 46%
Other 12



Miami (OH) QB Daniel Raudabaugh totally agrees with this selection.

Notable write-in votes: A handful of people voted for "pretty much anything involving Doug Martin," which really warms my heart. And I may have found the biggest snub of awards season when a voter reminded me that Austin Pettis fade passes did not make the nominee list. If only this were the Pro Bowl and RB screens could pull out with an injury.

Least Favorite Playcall NUGie

The option with Kellen Moore


Passes to Mitch Burroughs in the flat 49 25%
The option with Kellen Moore 86 44%
Toss sweeps in short yardage situations 24 12%
Anything when Mike Coughlin is in the game 26 13%
Brad Elkin coffin corner punts 6 3%
Other 3 2%


Kellen Moore option plays are bad, even more so when they are called to the short side of the field against defenses like TCU. But is the option 20 percent worse than Mitch Burroughs passes? David Augusto's fantasy team would beg to differ.

Notable write-in votes: Runs up the middle on 3rd and long. I know, right. What is this? The NFL?

The Mark Johnson Misadventures in Broadcasting NUGie

"Doug Harper"

Chart_medium Lg-johnson_medium

"Doug Harper" 92 48%
Rod Gilmore and Joe Tessitore "Storm the Dorm" 34 18%
Tom Scott calling Matt Kaiserman "Shea McClellin" 32 17%
Karl Benson's ESPN interview 26 14%
Other 6 3%


On the one hand, Mark Johnson repeatedly confusing injured D.J. Harper with healthy Doug Martin was a setback to broadcasting. On the other hand, could you imagine if this Doug Harper guy really existed?

Notable write-in votes: Byron Hout's punch-a-thon received a vote, as did Justin Corr and Zach Wolken. However, my favorite write-in was clearly the FOX play-by-play man pronouncing Poinsettia.

Meme of the Year NUGie

Ripping Boise State's strength of schedule


Comparing Matt Kaiserman to Brock Forsey 24 12%
Ripping Boise State's strength of schedule 119 62%
"Carrying the flag" for injured Bronco players 18 9%
Rhyming things with "Bronco Nation" 5 3%
Ridiculous stadium color schemes 24 12%
Other 3 2%


This category was made possible with generous participation from "the media."

NUGie for Favorite Doug Martin Run

Recovered fumbled snap score against Utah State


Breaking three tackles on 3-yard TD run against Utah State 70 36%
Sideline romp late in the fourth quarter against San Jose State 12 6%
TD run against Bowling Green 12 6%
Recovered fumbled snap score against Utah State 86 44%
Other 16 8%


The real winner here? Bronco fans.

Notable write-in vote: Martin's fourth quarter run against Nevada.

Best Hair NUGie

Jarrell Root's afro

Chart_medium Ddcqdfwdygiicbm

Kyle Wilson's dreadlocks 58 29%
Jarrell Root's afro 72 37%
Billy Winn's mohawk 28 14%
Jerrell Gavins's "T-Pain" 'do 19 10%
Matt Slater's party in the back 10 5%
Other 10 5%


Root beat out Kyle Wilson for the best hair award, which is kind of bittersweet because Root plans to get a haircut at the Broncos' Fan Fiesta on Saturday. I think it's clear what kind of haircut he needs to get in order to repeat next year. A bowl cut.

Notable write-in votes: George Iloka received a fair number of write-ins, although there was hardly a consensus on what his haircut really is. I got everything from mohawk to side fade to Etch-a-Sketch. Can we get a Chadd Cripe report on this?

Most Devastating Injury NUGie

Austin Pettis


D.J. Harper 35 18%
Richie Brockel 22 11%
Matt Kaiserman 2 1%
Austin Pettis 135 70%
Daron Mackey 0 0%
Jamar Taylor 0 0%
Other 0 0%


As further evidence of his importance to the team, Pettis wasn't injured until the penultimate game of the regular season, and his injury was still named most devastating by a wide margin. In related news, Daron Mackey and Jamar Taylor will now need new motivation for their rehab.

Notable write-in votes: None. This was the only category with zero write-ins, which must bum out Chuck Hayes.

Kirby Moore NUGie for Most Anticipated Newcomer in 2010

RB Malcolm Johnson


RB Malcolm Johnson 58 31%
DE Tyrone Crawford 31 17%
WR Aaron Burks 32 17%
WR Geraldo Hiwat 16 9%
LB Allen Mooney 6 3%
LB John Michael Davis 20 11%
DT Matt Paradis 13 7%
Other 10 5%


Your excitement is justified.

Notable write-in votes: Some others who received votes were Ebo Makinde, Ricky Tjong-a-Tjoe, Matt Miller, and a new kicker for the left hash.

NUGie for Worst Bronco-related Media Moment

Sad cowbell girl


Troy Oppie blaming Austin Pettis's broken ankle on Coach Pete's decision to go for two 48 25%
Brian Murphy predicting all season long that Boise State would not make a BCS bowl 46 24%
The Coach Pete fake Twitter account 4 2%
Sad Cowbell Girl 88 46%
Other 7 4%


FOX's video of a blind Boise State band member playing the cowbell sparked an Internet sensation, followed shortly by an Internet apology. The lesson here: Never make fun of anyone you see on TV unless they are Mark Johnson.

The Joe Giansante Memorial Bronco Hater NUGie for Media Bias

Craig James


Craig James 118 61%
Chris Fowler 4 2%
Gregg Doyel 3 2%
Gene Wojciechowski 18 9%
Mark May 48 25%
Other 4 2%


Is Craig James dominating this award a sign of things to come for Public Enemy No. 1 voting? This is the type of thing that would be discussed if Boise State had its own Access Hollywood show.

OBNUG Post of the Year NUGie

Mr. Fiskers


Mr. Fiskers's takedown of Gene Wojciechowski 119 63%
Oregon's Know Your Enemy 45 24%
The UC Davis anagram roster 4 2%
FanPost from US military member Polynikes 12 6%
Boise State basketball preview 7 4%
Other 3 2%



Yo, Mr. Fiskers, I'm happy for you and Imma let you finish ... but the 2008 Oregon blog bet was the best OBNUG post of all time.