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Rock the NUGies: Submit categories and nominees for Boise State's end-of-year awards

Put on your church pants and iron your silk ties. The NUGies are coming!

The greatest Boise State award show of the year takes place next week, and I need your help preparing. What categories do you want to see for the second annual NUGies? What players need to be honored? What moments need to be forgotten? What media folks need to be skewered?

I'm open to any and all submissions, so leave your thoughts in the comments or send me an email. After the jump, I'll list some of last year's categories and tell you what other ones are being considered this year.

Last year's NUGie categories that are likely to return:

In addition to the ones above, I would also like to feature Boise State's biggest headline of the year, the best game of the year, and something condescending about Craig James. Can you guys help me out? Thoughts? Help me out in the comments.